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Unreal how the Suidlanders still choose to just sit back and wait "defending" their farmers all to stay within the UN laws...While clearly the SA Government go out and hunt and kill the farmers systematically not giving a shit about laws.

Suidlanders nothing will come to magically save you. One by one will you be targeted until you are extinct. Your choice.


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Most of the a deeply christian - maybe they just believe in "giving the other cheek"?


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Sadly this is what most white farmers still believe. They think that if they just pray harder, god will save them. Meanwhile the slaughter of white families (including toddlers, infants and teenagers) has continued unabated for 20 years.

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I am glad some of them are sane then. Haiti, rhodesia, zimbabwe and south africa, they used to be white majority nations, those places were flooded with blacks, their birth rate exploded. Ask yourself what you would do in various stages in zimbabwe leading up to white extermination, these same ideas apply to the USA today. USA is being flooded with non-whites, islamists, 35+ million invaders. Kate Steinle was shot on the back by one, not even convicted of manslaughter.

The time to defend the USA is now, non-whites must be removed for the good of white survival.