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I became alt-right within about 15 years without changing a single opinion.

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The road made a sharp left turn, while you just kept going...


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I think my opinion has changed slightly. Kinda like "too much of anything is bad" for example you wouldn't expect carrots to be bad for you. But if you eat too many carrots you can turn your skin orange.

What has happen is people amplifying leftist views so much and ignoring the bad things that come a long with going "too far". And anyone who wants to make those things "less" are now right wing/alt right.

I don't think immigration is bad, but importing so many that there is a sudden and drastic change of majority culture and helping that culture take over current culture while policing and purposefully suppressing the current culture is a bad thing. I don't think black people are all bad, but allowing them all get away with whatever they want with little repercussions is bad.


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You were so close there, but 95% of black people are bad, and at that point, just round up.


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Are you complicit in white genocide? If the answer is no then you are a far right white supremacist neo nazi according to the average leftist.


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I don't think immigration is bad

Depends on what you mean. I was fine with the original immigration law, white only, perfectly fine. Non-white immigration into a white nation is absolutely unacceptable.

I don't think black people are bad Series of images


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many of the left-wing public people are also now alt-right, just because they have integrity. for example there are anti kucinich articles from the left wing, and he has to do interviews on fox (he is one of the most left wing people out there, but has integrity).


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alt-right didn't even exist until 2 years ago and suddenly liberals claim it has existed forever.