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This is more antipolice 'divide and conquer' leftist garbage from 'thefreethoughtproject'.

TFTP is moderated by an actual fucking communist.

The police are 'hated' because the left is telling people to hate them--when the bulk of their job is to keep the apefricans in line.

The majority of bad policing is happening in cities--thats what happens when you have open air prisons run by jews 'democrats'.


[–] MoneyIsTiming 1 points 1 points (+2|-1) ago  (edited ago)

It's amazing how context and compliance solves a majority of issues with Policing.

For example I had a very bad cop interaction that violated my 4th. The context however allowed me to understand why. I left a known logging trail after a bonfire deep in the woods. As I left the fire pit I was turning on the part of the trail and my headlights caught a Sheriffs car logo somewhere in the woods off trail. I rally raced to the road and headed back to town.

The Sheriffs actual caught up and pulled me over. Officer 1 opened my door while saying "you reek of alcohol" made me get out and he flashlighted my drivers area, Officer 2 flashlight my back and said I had a cooler which was a black Stanley tool tote.

They asked how much I had to drink today, being a smartass kid and very sober, I replied, "Yes, I drank 7 beers about 8 hours ago". They asked me to blow and it was a 0.00. They kinda stood there and said I was free to go and I left with some underaged drunk kids in my Suburban.

Agree with me or not, I firmly believe they had probable cause in the eyes of a court, because they were waiting for kids to leave a drunken bonfire, and when I saw them I raced away like I was running. Their intent was to catch and punish a Drunk Driver, they let me go right away after blowing 0.00...I had underaged drunk kids in my vehicle they could have harassed, but didnt because their mission was to find Drunk Drivers.

I knew then Drunk Drivers killed a lot of people, and later after graduating 3 friends in different situations were involved in a Drunk Driver accident caused by other drivers, 2 of these unrelated events killed 2 of my friends. My other friend and his wife made it out, but their dog was elected and she lost her complete front leg, amputated about a week later.


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TFTP is moderated by an actual fucking communist.

Sauce on this? I looked it up and the two main guys running it are a voluntaryist and an agorist.


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moderated, not run.