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No it doesn't matter if immigrants have 100+ IQ or not. It's accepted knowledge that Asians and Jews have higher IQ than whites yet their societies are still mostly worse compared to what white societies have been. There is more to race than just IQ. Europe isn't Europe without white people and people naturally act to promote their tribe when they aren't brainwashed into self hate. This in turn will lead to race conflict. Inviting a foreign race into a country is a classic divide and conquer tactic and is almost guaranteed to fail simply due to the fact that the foreigners do not have a heritage to tie them to the people and land. Research always shows that countries which are ethnically homogeneous are more united than those that are not. Regarding dysgenics I'm pretty much in agreement with Richard Lynn that democracies will never be able to seriously tackle the problem because it would be against the interest of a significant amount of the population and would raise concerns about ethics and morality.