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A lot of the people they're mad at had nothing to do with apartheid, it ended 20+ years ago. There are adults who never even lived through it, supported it, etc.

I just don't understand why these alleged progressives won't let go of the past. Was apartheid bad? Yes. Is slaughtering people just because they're white okay? No, not even.

When I was in college our SJW professors used to tell us that it could be seen as racist to describe people as "black [job]." And that we should flip races to see if it was awkward or not. (Would you say "white cop" or "white doctor"? If not, don't say "black cop" or "Black doctor" either.)

If you flip the races in this scenario? All the leftists would be up in arms if it was about whites taking land from Blacks and acting out violently against them.

I guess it depends on if you think stealing and murder are wrong, period, or if they're only wrong for some people.


[–] ardvarcus 1 points 4 points (+5|-1) ago 

Was apartheid bad? Yes.

You need to open those eyes a little wider. Apartheid was not bad. It was a survival strategy, and now that it has failed, we see why it was necessary. It was either apartheid, or turn large numbers of blacks out of South Africa ... or kill them. The white South Africans chose the most humane option of those available to them, as white Christians usually do. Now they are being murdered by the very blacks to whom they showed compassion and mercy.


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They should have treated the blacks as dangerous wild animals and eradicated them. Giving them food and medicine and allowing to breed uncontrolled was not humane in the long-term, rational perspective.


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Apartheid was reported on in the west as per their usual hysteria and reframing of events. Very few reporters went to South Africa and those that did talked to ranting blacks that wanted the nice house but didn't even want to work for it. Those blacks could have left. No one forced them to be there either, they didn't have anything to stay for other than wanting the nice house with no effort.