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But the tv said Hobbits, Elves and Whites were the bad guy? # NotAllOrcs


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This is my favorite meme of the modern era, barely edging out Ugandan knuckles


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that picture rofl.


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It's because they're being programmed. Partisan bias (or "party-whipped) is a modern tragedy. The whole two party system is a big ruse, used to divide and pit the population against one another.

There are two "tribes" you are allowed to join, the one on the left or the one on the right. Most people never realize that both tribes are ruled by the same tribe leader.


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just like last century


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The first thing you need to compel to certain people relates to media, indoctrination and conformity. Illustrates media is a bunch of BS. Illustrates the potency of conformity, combine the two and you can see how the media is an unimaginably powerful tool.

I am not sure if self righteous is the right term, though surely some degree of it applies, perhaps conformity is the first layer in this, though I don't know for certain. If you can inform someone if these traits, it may open them to other possibilities of truth, maybe.