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Those pussy fucking English cops. Doing nothing while the pig-fucker hits someone with a stick, but holding back a white guy by the neck, who wanted to go kick his ass.


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....Traitors before invaders.


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I can't wait...


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Indeed. The reason that they do this is because white people are safe and law abiding. They feel safe enforcing the law on white people because they know how white people will respond. They DONT feel safe doing so against Muslims and also it's a lose lose situation for them. If the cops enforce the law against Muslims then the cop loses his job for being racist, the police department gets sued by the local chapter of Islam Inc. or some Jew Lawyer(s). The only real consequence free option for the police is to brutally enforce the law against white people.

So until whitey wakes the fuck up, the third world will pour in and choke us with our own laws and democracy.

Many of these cops aren't conciously traitors, they are still traitors but they aren't aware of that fact. Many of these cops are too stupid to really understand the geopolitical and demographic situation they're in. The cops like most blue pill fuckwads believe the reassuring tide of bullshit from the media that "they're just like us" when as we all know, they aren't anything like us.


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Many of them will be fine, but if(WHEN) SHTF and they recognize the cop that harassed/arrested them for hate speech, who do you think is gonna defend the cop? not the goat fuckers and not anyone that sees what's happening right now.


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Every last one of those cops is a child rapist!


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When taking down any large object you should always aim for the supports.