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Saudi Arabia and Iran both like to have a speak with you


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How has it benefitted Iran? Persia was a powerful country long before Islam.

And "Saudi Arabia" is a recent political body, but if we're talking about Arabia as a whole, it didn't really change much other than giving them the benefit of Mecca tourism, and even then it's only recent that large numbers of people have been able to make the Hajj. The reason any arabian countries are currently wealthy because of oil, not Islam.


[–] Qchmqs 1 points 0 points (+1|-1) ago 

learn your history, those two shitholes raised to dominate half the planet using that ideology, it sure as hell helped them both

do you think arabs would reach spain were it not for islam ? ( Inb4 I'm not defending their sand tribe retardation, just stating facts)