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Well said, Lauren.

And here is the mental trick being committed for the purpose of detaining and deporting you:

1) You are a Christian.

2) All religions are the same

3) Muslims run people over with trucks, blow up children with bombs, stab people on the streets and form rape gangs to terrorize nonMuslim communities.

4) Christians are equally guilty of #3 because of #2.

5) Lauren is therefore implicated in Muslims running people over in trucks and bombings and knifings and rape.

This sounds like a joke to you but it is not. These are the logical steps in thinking that are being laid out leading to your detention and deportation.

And the focus of this line of reasoning is all being directed primarily against nonMuslims/exMuslims. Why?

A: Because the UK Establishment is wrapped up in Pedophilia and other crimes which the network of Imams then use to engage in blackmailing MPs and Leaders/Security officials for the purpose of securing compliance with the agenda of Islamic Conquest.