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Librards have always despised the white working class. Working class suburbs and towns have also been the prime beneficiaries of third world enrichment and vibrancy.

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Why don't we come to the simple conclusion that Democrat is the party of niggers, and liberalism is the political movement of die-whitey-die, and be done with it? Alot more disaffected whites will come our way.

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That doesn't take much. A lesbian saying she doesn't consider trans women actual women and therefore wont fuck them will get you a permaban.

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Degeneracy: We've Come Full Circle

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SpareShip619 • 22m Tbh it sounds pretty racist and Islamophobic.

They are beyond parody

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I don't get how it's Islamophobia. Fear of Islam is completely rational

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I want to link them ceddit but because I'm the poster I have to not give them any excuse to remove it, which they are itching to do. Does anyone want to through a ceddit link into there?

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Oh, that is a certainty.

Reddit Censorship in...


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I don't know you guys, but I find that anyone using a "hash tag" is an idiot.

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Just fucking with ya'

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The gender wage gap is being used by female celebrities to manipulate the masses to think they deserve pay raises. Pay discrimination has been illegal for over 50 years.

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I have slept with Harvey! ME TOO!

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shhhhhh! You are not supposed to realize that!

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metoo isn't about helping sexual abuse victims, it's a power grab by powerful hollywood women who are far past their sexual prime and are trying to solidify their position atop the pyramid lest they be ousted by younger, more attractive replacements.

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That is incredibly racist and homophobic. How dare you speak truthfully about Hollywood?!

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Whoa, just had a realization. Feminists aren't actually obsessively concerned about the well-being of girls, but they want you to think they are, to use as a bargaining chip. As in, well i guess you are the expert on girls well-being here so you take the lead on suchandsuch issue. Their beliefs are a ploy to gain power. It is your responsibility to care for these girls, don't ever let the left fool you into thinking they "got this" It is pure, power driven evil.

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Yes, you have it correct. It is all about power. Oh, and hate. The Hate directs the power and gives some meaning to the horrible control these leftists gain over people and institutions who are constantly genuflecting to avoid any "offense" or having the spotlight put on themselves.

We have to brutally and deliberately combat the Left. Their Gulag state is not that far away and none of us want to let it take shape.

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I think we agree that tolerance is not the answer

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I'd like to go back to England to see how many Muslim pieces of shit I could brutally murder without anyone knowing, leave, then watch on the nightly news about how an entire Muslim family was tortured to death and their blood was used to write a lengthy warning to all other Muslims.

Fuck England. Fucking cucked faggots.

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Must meet the #MeetTo networthy standards.

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They are holding the Overton window as closed on this as they can...but it just keeps creeping open!

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