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Abolish the FBI look just abolish the FBI the FBI is a disgrace the FBI is dead and took America and liberty with it. The FBI destroyed my heritage, culture, identity, honor, reputation, status, economy. The creatures at the FBI are repulsive and narcissists the FBI are repulsive evil monsters and narcissists the very FBI itself is evil itself, repulsive, and narcissistic monsters.

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Send in the Marines and seize everything.

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This, send the Military Police to headquarters and start bringing them in, department heads first, for questioning while confiscating materials

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Hang on hang on hang on we just need a few more minutes to get this cleaned up, don't worry we will release everything! Trust us-tm

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You are not above the law FBI you do not own me you do not control me you are not above me.

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Apparently, they are.

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And the Democrats are bribing them with candidate positions to keep from talking?

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Shut it down. Yank funding and lock up the building. Or at least arrest those that are refusing. This blatant disregard for following law needs to end.