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Researchers believe that in the future, they will be able to develop an IQ test based on genes alone.

I have developed such a test based on hair type and concentration of melanin in the skin. While it might not be as accurate as the test they develop, it is free and can be performed by anyone with a functioning set of eyes.

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can be performed by anyone with a functioning set of eyes

Check your sight privilege, ableist!

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But but but you can’t tell me lil Youniqua ain’ gone be du president! Reeee!

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This test is better since now I can discriminate between different types of whites. If a Pole or an Irish person, for instance wants a job from me they can't trick me like they used to be able to (I used to hire exclusively white people and some of them, despite their appearance were very idiotic).

A sports team, who usually racially selects for blacks from colleges, can now DNA test these blacks to see if they are Kenyans (the tall and fast ones), or some other mutt race of African.

Even better for the Ethno-state project they can now determine which sub-group of whites are best for mass breeding (or cloning, if we can get to that point).

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This is eventually what liberals will migrate towards if these studies are true. Margaret Sanger, founder of planned parenthood, was a vocal eugenicist. Then don't be surprised when they find genes associated with obedience to authority etc.

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Your method is too obvious. The genius behind the DNA method is it hides the truth much better.

While your method does indeed work, it comes with a social stigma.

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you get what you pay for

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I think I use the same test you use

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Some researchers are about to get fired

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I'm sure they'll find a way to fudge the results to say that Africans have an average IQ of 140

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Agreed. Look at their societies: the proof is in the pudding!

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I'm sorry to say I agree with you.

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"There is only one race, the Human Race"

- Rabbi Issaiah Goldsheckelstein

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Evidence enough to rescind every diploma falsely awarded to every subsaharran.

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Trojan Horse...

I see millions of DIPSHITS getting in line to give their DNA to the government to prove how smart they are...

wake the fuck up, morons.. ((( THEY ))) are weaponizing vaccines to target specific DNA

Both Harvard and Edinburgh Faculties are bastions of quackery and are full of Pedophiles.

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Ineed. Weaponizing DNA allows criminals to have plausible deniability. It will be less obvious a murder took place. The irony, of course will be technology will also remove plausible deniability. The criminals will ensure only they have access to it.

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Wanna know how I know you're no where near 150? Because you're thankful for it. People that smart can't even have meaningful communication with 95% of the human population. Intelligence is only a blessing in a world where there are no profound idiots.

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My favorite part of all this is how they'll swear up and down that being gay is genetic and not a choice, but when it comes to showing people aren't equal to each other, suddenly genes are forbidden to speak about.

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how do you identify the 'gay genes'?

they are the ones that are 3 sizes too small

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Looking forward to it honestly. Would rather live in a society of high IQ retards than low IQ retards.

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I just want to be able to shove the facts in the idiots faces. Genetics don't matter my ass.

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Having spent time around both, I actually think low IQ retards are usually preferable to high IQ retards. The latter are insufferable and always want to force their ideas on others. The former just tend to muddle along in obscurity and can often be perfectly tolerable.

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As much as I enjoyed that movie, the whole premise that there is no gene for the human spirit is complete bullshit. Genetics absolutely influence how you react to certain kind of pressure and handle adversity. Would anyone gain an exceptional level of drive and determination if they were raised differently or exposed to certain influences growing up? When twins separated at birth have the same idiosyncrasies and habits and levels of success in life, I doubt it. A genetic foundation and its corresponding biological wiring makes up everything that you can consider as spirit.

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The professor summed up the movie well when he said something like; "no one can exceed their potential. It just means their potential wasn't measured correctly."

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This is clearly Alt-right propaganda goyim! Remember, race doesn't exist! We're all equal! The six gorillion! More shekels for Israel!

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Really activates those almonds doesn't it? Mine are so activated they are reaching critical mass.

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bullshit, if I say and believe im a genius...god dammit I am

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