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He dindu nuffin. Literally.

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Pink is a shade of red and red is the most alkaline masculine color, it’s science as opposed to common propaganda falsehoods!

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Fat sack of shit

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You got that right.

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My guess is that fag bag has a 9mm in it. This guy needs to sit in his car and blow his brains all over the head liner.

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https://archive.fo/fTgyV :

Deputy who hid outside Stoneman Douglas High is seen for first time | Daily Mail Online

"His second wife, Ivelesse Ochoa, a 46-year-old administrative support specialist at the Broward Sheriff's Office, will also be due a share."

'The Florida school cop branded a coward for failing to tackle mass shooter Nikolas Cruz is seen for the first time - enjoying his taxpayer-funded retirement. ', "Sheriff's Deputy Scot Peterson, 54, chose to resign and retire rather than face an internal affairs investigation for 'seeking cover' while AR-15 wielding Cruz slaughtered kids inside Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.", "How do you justify that?'Peterson studied criminal justice at Florida International University and worked several security jobs before joining the Broward's Sheriff's Office in 1985."

'He had been student resource officer (SRO) at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School since 2009 and was the 2013 Broward County Sheriff Parkland employee of the year. '

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After 30 years on the PD, he knew his ticket to pension city was do nothing. That's all any of them ever do.

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I believe he absolutely made his decision based on his own welfare. Fuck them kids, I ain't getting shot, I'm too old for this & I have a pension & retirement coming. Sorry kids, not sorry.

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There's a gun in that fanny pack.

Source: Me. I carry my 38 in a fanny pack. And I have a pink shirt too. It says, "Don't laugh. This is your girlfriend's shirt". So no homo.

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That explains quite a bit.

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