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That's the (((devil's))) work, never we falled so low, with the approval, with their inaction, of the population.

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Two reasons:

Because the government approves of muslim rape gangs, and because hate crimes are designed to allow the government to be subjective in how much they can punish person A compared to person B committing the same crime. So you can automatically know that if person A is charged with a hate crime and person B is not, that person B is favored by the government over person A.

Hate crimes are bias written into "law."

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Yes, arbitrary justice is the unsaid goal of these hate crime laws. The British establishment, Tory and Labour, want to have the means to pick and choose who they terrorize with the power of the state.

But there is something else here, too. The British Establishment are losing power to the powerful Muslim voting block. That is not part of the plan. The Labour MPs may have a significant ideological commitment to such a shift in power but the Conservatives do not. As the overt nature of Muslim demands grows, you will start to see the end game of all of this come into stark relief:

Civil War.

Lebanon was a certain outcome. So too will be this next phase of Muslim conquest, only, the USA will not be sitting by and letting it just take place.

Tens of thousands will die,

red pills will fly,

Islam can say "Goodbye!"

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Because it's a hate crime to call out Muslim Rape Gangs.

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Mudfuck rapes..alrighty

Local tax paying whitey says no t.....nevermind


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It's not the UK's fault for being brainwashed into thinking that they need to bring everyone inside their borders though. Don't forget that when you see a person of average intelligence that 49% are dumber than that.

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There is a war right now. Oligarchs are fighting us deplorables. Muslims are mercenaries. No one cares if muslims attack each other and it is by design that they attack white people.

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ayyy Europe, how's that diversity working out for ya?

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Islam is a ideology of hate. The officials know this but since they are complicit in decades of Muslim migration, they can never admit their HORRIBLE error.

This is why the PEOPLE must rise up and force all these fucking traitors to the gallows.

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they can never admit their HORRIBLE error.

It wasn't an error. It was done on purpose.

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You can have people in the know, people who follow the Kallergi plan, people who accept the marching orders of George Soros, -> YES!

But you don't find these people in the majority even within the power structure. They represent the minority that are committed and driven. Its the Pareto Principle. And within this gaggle of elites, it is just a couple of bad apples that lead this small "orchestra" on its mission to European oblivion.

Meanwhile, the 80% of British Lawmakers are ideologically persuaded for non-conspiratorial reasons/raw political rationale like a concern for a capture of the Muslim vote, concern for image which is the power of political correctness.

It is the 80% rank and file plus the 80% of the inner elites that we will see start breaking ranks with the Establishment plan to destroy Britain and the nature of Europe.

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Lord Pearson's question deserved less than eight minutes of discussion in the Lords.

We should start being honest here and use the correct terms.

The Houses of Parliament should be spoken of as the Houses of Cowardice. For they are the Houses of Traitors and Crooks.

They are the Houses of Quislings and Muslim Henchmen.

These are no longer noble institutions and legitimate mechanisms of Justice and Democracy. Until you root out the blackmailed-pedophiles and willing Muslim collaborators, the nation's people should prepare for civil war.


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Because for some fucking stupid reason you can't commit a hate crime against white people

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Because it's a race war against all whites.

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