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They had to pass a law saying it was now illegal to break the law. Think about that.

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Because 'the law' is a fucking joke.

The only law that exists is the one backed up by our big damn guns. Laws that aren't enforced, or enforced unevenly are no laws at all--their bludgeons.

If these laws get eviscerated on appeal then texas should just ignore the damn federal courts and enforce the laws anyway. If commiefornians want to whine about 'you have to obey federal law you racists!' we'll just shoot back with "Then why are you illegally defending and harboring felons?"

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The title of this most is a bit misleading. Their ANTI-sanctuary city laws were upheld.

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This is no good; leaving the effectively mexican nationalists in American government without being able to prosecute them means all that's going to happen is they're going to stick people with the bill for their fellow mexican citizens through county taxes, they need to be prosecuted, removed from office.

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They are already sticking people like me with the bills. Bankruptcy.

They won't get a crumb. Time to pinch until they bleed to fuck. Don't let them out of the country alive and if they get out, its arrest upon coming back in the US.

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Why all the fuss? Texas, and all states, should have just started arresting the offending city officials for aiding and abeting criminals.

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That’s not how aiding and abetting works.

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It's always fun when the "super users" who post "content" 24 hours a day come out against the basic values that are mostly shared across Voat. Really telling. I mean sure, let's play the semantics game, because you know, we're not being murdered in the streets right?

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Ordering the local cops to not turn illegals over to ICE is abetting a criminal.

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Fuck your sanctuary citys

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The only part of the law that remains unenforceable at this point is the provision that provides punishment to local officials who are “adopting, enforcing or endorsing” policies that block or limit enforcement of immigration laws. Specifically, the judges said the injunction only applies to the word “endorse.”

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Sanctuary Sally says:

...our ability to overcome fear and foster cooperation within the immigrant community is a greater challenge now.

"The immigrant community."
One giant mass of faceless bodies.
Laboring, assimilating, citizenship-seeking, lawful applicants working with their immigration attorneys and following the rules, all lumped together with fence-jumping parasites.

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I am an Indian. I can't even begin to understand how this 'sanctuary city' fuck logic concept actually became a thing. That too in USA.

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