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He lived far longer than anyone expected and accomplished more as a cripple than many do with full use of their body.

A brief history of time is a great short read that I would recommend to anyone.

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Yes, but he was an asshole, a womanizer (from what I understand) and in his later life he dove into more SJW items than science. Well, not to mention more PR type items for the SJW crap. I lost a lot of respect for him over the last few years, honestly.

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A lot of accomplished people are assholes. You can't agree with someone on every issue. Just respect him for the his contributions, not his character.

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https://www.spectator.co.uk/2015/01/what-the-theory-of-everything-doesnt-tell-you-about-stephen-hawking/ his first wife doesn't make him sound bad. That article might make most Voat users even respect him even more. He was the head of the family and made his wife serve him.

When you called him womanizer, I got an image of young him wooing women. Maybe there are smart bastard Hawkings out there in addition to his 3 official children.

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His one redeeming quality then.

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Science is one thing..one thing this man was great at. Personality is another thing all together...example...I like Patton as a general...but I would not want to serve under his command.

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a brief history of time is a coffee table book for people who want others to think they are smart, anyone who actually reads it and thinks it is good never read it, it is truly garbage.

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The book is for pseudointellectuals. Like that of the The Big Bang Theory. Only pseudointellectuals support or like the show. Both are wonderful litmus tests for people you meet.

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No, he's the type that would ridicule religious people who didn't believe in evolution back when it was trendy to do that (2004-2009ish?) but then turn around and reprimand you for saying the races aren't equal.

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Sorry he is dead. Good ridden

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You mean the puppet in the chair PRETENDING to be Stephen Hawking has died.

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No, it broke down and was irreparable.

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Here's the writeup, pdf warning


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hawk2 is also interesting, it really shits on the puppet hawkings legacy

there isnt a hawk1 though

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First statement false. Second statement true unless you do a whole lot of thinking and vetting and then only give it a percentage trust, never more than 85 or 90.

Betwen Buddhism and simulation theory I'm not even sure "cogito ergo sum" holds up anymore.

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Everything where two or more people work together is a conspiracy. Also, you should never give your full trust to any single source.

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That friggin' crippled robot had gotten crazy leftwing the last decade of its life.

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He was probably blackmailed to do so.

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Think they threatened to break his legs?

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Or maybe Russians hacked his voice. Who knows in today's world.

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Not like he had much of a choice

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Pretty sure they just hacked his voicebox and drove him around with a remote control - he could only move his tongue.

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Tired of hearing his SJW bullshit

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who knows whether it was his bull shit or just his handler's?

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RIP, Stephen.

What? He was about to reveal information regarding the Clinton Foundation?

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no, people are waking up to the fact that the actual steven hawking died long ago so they had no reason to maintain his duplicate

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Regardless of what he became in the last few years of his life, we lost a great mind today.

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He has become one with the very universe that freed his mind from the limitations of his body.

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Off to hell

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