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I said it before ill say it again.

If a teacher cant handle firearms they cant handle children. If they arnt smart enough ti safely handle firearms they arnt smart enough to educate the future generations. If they arnt responsible enough for firearms they arnt responsible enough to watch over children. If you cant protect someones children you cant be trusted with temporary guardianship for the school day, you cant ever be left alone and in charge of individuals whos lives are in your hands.

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They way things are going I would say these are actors first, Teachers second.

I wonder how old these teachers are; if they are close to retirement so it's of little effect for them to pull this stunt off. Or perhaps they are getting a nice payday to commit seppuku on thier careers

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In my experience only the shittiest of people seem to be teachers, for a loooong time now. I dont know if getting a teaching degree filters out brains and a spine and a respect for the constitutional way or what, but almost every teacher i have met has been a seriously retarded socialist piece of shit that voted for monicas boyfriends wife. So these faggots are probably thinking they are making a point and being martyred, but instead they just highlighting just what low pieces of shit they and their co-conspirators are in their generationally long plan to subvert and destroy america and the constitution

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Article stated he was also a reserve officer as well as a councilman

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Even better, a wannabe cop. Thats like a mega combo of faggotry and failure. And what a total failure of training they must have had to have a negligent discharge in the classroom. Ultimate incompetence.

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You get what you pay for

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Has this ever happened prior to this year? I don't recall ever hearing of it, now it's 'an epidemic'.

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Yeah, I smell false flaggery.

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Fucking False Flaggots

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Apparently it has happened last year And 2014.

The frequency though seems to be increasing

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Something to keep an eye on, thanks.

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Sure has! Is likely just getting more attention / reporting now due to the narrative.


Dude tries to keep going after he shoots himself too xD

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Came to make sure this was posted.

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It's happened a couple times. It's starting to sound common enough to be on purpose now

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These are the same people who expel children for making their peanut butter and jelly sandwiches into the shape of a gun. I am not surprised.

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Yet where is the bill to ban assault PB&J Sandwiches? Something must be done

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That grape jelly can be deadly - Botulism KILLS!!!!

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First Georgia and now California.

I'm sure this is all coincidence this starts happening after Trump's comment of arming teachers..

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liberal teachers

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Not an accident.

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Nor negligent.

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why was it fucking loaded?

given i used to sell guns, but i have handled 10s of thousands of guns over many years and been to more fucking gun shows than i can count around crowds of enthusiasts with guns etc and not one fucking time have i seen a gun accidentally go off.

ya gotta have a defective gun or a defective brain for it to happen.

i had trigger discipline before i was good at wiping my own ass.

my dad did his fucking job, these people must not have good dads.

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I knew the jews would do something along these lines.

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Maybe they are riling people up so they get rid of thier guns and donate them.

🎵1-877-GUN-4YIDs, donate your Glock today🎵

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They're doing this on purpose in an effort to make it look unsafe. I wouldn't put it past these liberal teachers to "accidentally" shoot a kid in class in an effort to get this whole idea shutdown

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Honestly, how is giving vile, hate filled SJW, antifa teachers guns supposed to make any child safer? These mentally ill people absolutely would shoot a child if they thought it would further their "cause."

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The answer isn't forcing them. It's giving them to those who volunteer, no extra pay. THEN they have to pass extremely rigorous background checks and undergo training. It's this or have police officers at the doors of the buildings, or privatized high trained security guards.

No, I'm against just giving all teachers a handgun. That is stupid.

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