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It seems that the Black Panther movie has done such a good job of immersing audiences in its world that many people think it's real.

Two hotel booking sites have revealed that site searches for the word 'Wakanda' – the name of the fictional African country the movie is set in – have risen dramatically.

Hotelscan.com reported that the number of people landing on its Wisconsin Wakanda Water Park page is up by 620 per cent and Hotels.com reported that searches for neighbouring Wakanda Park are up by 55 per cent year on year.

Need to troll the fuck out of these travel sites.

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Just don't point out who are the ones doing the searches.

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let's rename libraria into wakanda and send all the nigga there

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Good idea, but it's Liberia.

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Hahaha like they'd ever live somewhere named libraria

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Send them to WaKongo.

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Are you fucking kidding me? Nat geo is officially trash now if it wasn't already.

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They have hijack it. New director is a female jew.

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I'm pretty sure national geographic "jumped the shark" at least five years ago. I don't understand why they are still in the news.

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‘national geographic’ is an enemy.

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globalist Murdock bought it

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Yeah, it is because of colonization that Africa didn't invent the wheel or any residences beyond rudimentary huts.

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No agriculture, no animal husbandry, no wheel, no irrigation, no written language, no math, no metals, no trade, no abstract thought, literally just wandering Hunter gatherers and mud huts everywhere south of the Sahara.

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All of this while literally sitting on the piles of world's most scare resources.

I can't believe how everyone skips the fsct that in wakanda all the technology was ALIEN and not invented in any ways by Wakandands(?). And they actually need magic to run it. Bitch, please... If i was black id totally annoyed by this film. Nothing to celebrate here..

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That's not entirely fair. They also have tin shanties and other various refuse-based shacks.

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Oh yeah, I forgot. Thanks for the backup.

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But its garbage left amd made by whites so that doesnt work!

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They also invented the flying toilet

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Fuck Susan Goldberg. National geographic was always careful and respectful in the way they introduced foreign cultures. Maybe they had gourds and on their dicks and saggy chalky breasts but that was the raw unfiltered human element. Without and overlying jewish narrative to drive home it was simply a depiction of how people lived.

That being said this is just the last nail in the coffin. National geographic has been in steep decline for years. Perhaps not as quickly as their television station, but not much better.

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Yeah, they've been nothing but big gov propaganda for decades now.

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Jews and their liberal fantasies. Its creepy, backward and pathetic. It is mental illness from all of the inbreeding

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The civilization that "could've been". Yeah, but it's not. So shut the fuck up and get a job.

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So what I don't understand is how a super rare mineral that is "over powered" means that you can make futuristic technology and be super wealthy? Like Africa already has an insane amount of diamonds which is the most valuable mineral but they're still a giant shithole continent.

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diamonds which is the most valuable mineral but they're still a giant shithole continent.

Artificially valuable

"aren't all valuable things artificially valuable?"

I mean, in terms of purpose they serve. Diamond tools would likely use lab made diamonds due to a lack of imperfections.

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Exactly. Technological advancement is dependent on societal infrastructure. If you can't maintain a cohesive civilization FIRST, you won't make technological progress past a certain point. Magical rocks won't change this fact.

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They have a real mineral like that called coltan.

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