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They kill at least 1 white person a week. Nobody says a thing.

Between 1882-1968 only 3200 blacks were lynched, with the majority being lynched for committing crimes. Today, by far the most insignificant demographic of murder is white on black.

Blacks have killed around 70k-120k whites in South Africa, conservative and liberal estimates, and whites are 120x more likely to die from black crime than any black has ever been in the United States.

When do we end this stupid fucking guilt trip and just fucking get rid of these mother fuckers?

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What are the numbers for whites killed by blacks from 1968 to present?

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I have no clue man. This is all I got. https://imgoat.com/uploads/4b9ec30ad9/93490.jpg

I think it is pretty bad, I see like 1-3 black on white murders every week on voat.

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Between 1882-1968 only 3200 blacks were lynched, with the majority being lynched for committing crimes.

Only? That's a fuckton of extrajudicial lynchings, and all were lynched for "committing crimes", what's in dispute is whether they were actually guilty, which is up to the courts, not a mob of rake-wielding rednecks. As the record shows, often just being black was enough to get a man lynched for a white woman who claims she was raped.

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Just a head's up, but lynch mobs were black, too. You think law-abiding blacks want criminal niggers bringing that bullshit to their neighborhood?

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Alright, so in that nearly one hundred year period there were less blacks lynched than there were blacks shot by other blacks in Chicago alone last year?

Who. Fucking. Cares.

They're doing far worse to themselves, so I can't help wonder why all these average "rednecks" actually went out of there way to kill these people. Because if as I suspect they haven't fucking devolved since then, there were probably a ton of legitimate reasons for it.

There are plenty of rednecks alive right now, and even today with all these black on white killings when was the last lynching you heard about? So what the fuck were they doing back then that had all these rednecks riled up? Honestly.

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Rednecks had great morals back then and I trust their judgment. We warned the world about niggers and jews.

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Has the family went on a rampage and burnt all the local projects to the ground yet?

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WTF is up with society ??

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Listen to that Sheriff talk. Jesus Christ they’re fucked.

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How the fuck did that fucking thing get elected sherriff?

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Will anything ever change or are we doomed to the boiling frog theory?

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I don't know what boiling frogs is about but liberals ate probably glad niggers discovered fire . they will probably award them the noble peace pride

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Boiling frog states that a frog thrown into a boiling pot of water will jump out, but a frog in a cold pot of water brought to boil will allow itself to be cooked as it cannot sense the gradual change in temperature quickly enough. We're the frog, and we're slowly approaching the boiling point.

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Fucking niggers! I am so sick of their shit! I’m sorry, maybe I’m just having a moment but fuck, it’s time for mob justice. These feral animals need to be put down. We have allowed them to roam free for far too long. Then after we have brought some sense of justice to our communities can we march on Washington and roll the fucking guillotines. Hang every last traitor in front of the Washington monument.

Edit - prayers to the family. God, I can’t imagine what I’d do if my grandparents had gone out like that.

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I’m sorry, maybe I’m just having a moment

Hold on to that moment and do something about it. I'm not advocating for violence - just yet - but I do believe we need to have an uncomfortable conversation with our fellow White people. We need to be safe and we can't do that in a multicultural country. At the very minimum we need to band together somehow. Start our own businesses, build our own communities based on European ties, cultures, and religions, so that gives us the right to exclude jews and niggers.

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Update: http://wncn.com/2018/03/13/family-friend-remembers-nc-pastors-wife-killed-in-arson-after-home-invasion/

They found the car. Hopefully they pulled some nappy hairs from it for DNA evidence later.

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When are people going to learn to xpost this stuff on v/BlackonWhiteCrime so that we can archive each and every single incident?

@Narrative-Collapse, does your website have the ability to archive each and every single incident of black on white crime?

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Which is it?

Text says "Police say an elderly couple was ambushed by two black males", video says police give no description.

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Most media outlets are censoring the race of the perps.

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Unless they're white, then they'll give it far more coverage than they normally would.

Remember the knock out game? The only time I ever heard a normie talk about it was when a white guy did it.

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