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California fags Gov Jewy Brown and the AG Beaner know their time is limited.

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Take note California.

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Texas is the only true american place left. god bless you cowboy fucks.

[this country needs every state to follow TX, and it'll truly be on some MAGA shit].

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The problem with Texas is that the upper-middle-class dumbshits that wrecked California move to Texas when they get tired of dealing with the consequences of their actions.

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ive been hearing that. i have family in Dallas they tell me austin is full of libtard cucks. i love Dallas people are so dam friendly.

i live in silicon valley my family moved here 30 years ago. at work i have to basically hide my conservative views and pro-trump opinions. i found out yesterday the Dems here in Calfornia are going to push Socialism for 2018, heres a clip on it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g5DSB6hO0WE&t=1s im telling my family to sell before the idiots vote this in

im gona go back to Dallas soon...also gonan check out Chile...lot of ex-pats, and their constitution has freedom of speech and 2nd amendment. gonna see if i can buy a cheap little house or piece of land. im a little uneasy thinking of Trump not being president after 2024, i dont think anyone else can take pressure like he can.everyone else running wouldve caved to gun control and a million other things.

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Austin and the liberal influx of Californians and New Yorkers, not to mention the steady flow of Muslims and Mexicans will eventually flip the state. It has a giant Blue target on its back. Anywhere there are a large collection of White people has a giant blue target on its back, really. Thanks to Obama using the census data to infiltrate our neighborhoods. Fucking jews and their lists!

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How does ignoring the law even need to be banned? This situation is ridiculous. I suppose if you can ignore the law in the first place, you can ignore the sanctuary-city ban as well. Are we going to have sanctuary-city-ban sanctuary cities now?

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the same reason why faggots are standing around contemplating the need for free speech, right to arms, pedophilia, satanism, marxism in schools, etc...

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This is one more step toward saving the USA, folks!

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It's too little too late at this point. Turner Diaries is a future warning...