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Another white person, persecuted (and prosecuted) for writing the truth.

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I don't know. Sweden is stupid enough to let them all in.

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The truth is racist. Can't have that, can we?

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Chamber prosecutor Lisa Hedberg explains that the number of investigations in regards to hate crimes against the public has increased since the “Network Examiner” systematically searches and reports posts to the police.

People outside of this poor blighted country that still have the right of free speech should start shite posting in Swedish everywhere that this "network examiner" searches just to swamp them with useless signal.

For the children little old ladies!

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Sweden has a lot more to worry about than an IQ drop, like Stockholm syndrome.

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Very fitting indeed

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The truth is illegal, whats sad is that I'm actually becoming acclimated to this reality, time is running out...

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Facts = Waaaa! Anti Socialist Racist = Jail by the Swedistan Regime

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Prosecuted for "hatred" is a tough one.

Because, even if she got a lawyer and proved that she's right, they could still say it's hatred.

How the hell did hatred become illegal. It's thought crime.

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It is a thought crime. It is so ill defined that it is essentially a blank check for the leftists to prosecute anyone for any utterance, but it is impossible to defend oneself against such vagueness.

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essentially, you have to prove a negative, which is impossible. It's no different from university rape cases in the US. If you're innocent, everyone hates you, and if you're not, everyone still hates you. The goal is not to have you come out alive

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In the meantime fucking mudslime hooligans are throwing bombs at police stations and raping and getting away with it all. As well getting first class welfare benefits and housing ect. Obviously being treated better than locals. What a joke.

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Haven't figures already been published about how Sweden's IQ has been falling since the migrant invasion?

If something was causing your country to lose IQ, the government is duty bound to take action to remedy the situation. For example, if it were discovered that lead in leaded petrol resulted in decreased IQ, then the government should rapidly introduce policies to reduce lead in petrol, and ideal stop its use altogether.

The migrant situation is similar.

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yes, these nations IQs are falling, but the media is probably blaming the "failing school systems" for something that is biological (IQ)

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It's happening in the US and dumbing down the population is deliberate. This has been going on for decades.

Deliberate Dumbing Down of America was written by Charlotte Iserbyte a past employee for the Senior Policy Advisor in the Office of Educational Research and Improvement. Charlottes father was part of the Brotherhood Of Death, also know as "Skull and Bones".

The people controlling the dumbing down of the population have been doing a very good job. IQ almost doesn't even matter, because I know plenty of people with high IQ's that believe so much of the "evidence" put out by the NWO. What good is a high IQ if you're under Stockholm syndrome or too ignorant of the NWO plans?

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Same thing has been repeatedly documented in France. Germany is next except they are too politically correct and scared to acknowledge it.

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Lead would solve the rapefugee problem quite nicely.

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Swedish media is owned by one jewish family. A female politician committed career suicide by pointing that out last year.

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/u/BrutusMaximus, please tell us more!

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