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The clowns in this country (UK) have even been calling for us to boycott the World Cup this summer in Russia (we are a football mad country, there's no fucking way we'd want that). There is so much anti-Russia propaganda in the news at the moment, and has been for a while, it's beginning to make me think that something is on the way. I don't like it at all.

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Jews control the media, Jews hate Russians.

200 Years Together by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

You don't have to buy 90% of the (((cohencidence))) alt-right talking points to know for a fact that Jewish people hate Russia and Germany. It's in every history book.

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Your statement is redundant. Jews are to rule the world the good book tells us. So that means infiltrating all countries. It does not change the fact that the jews were handed over to the roman catholics and everything jews do has to be with Jesuit catholic blessing

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I think the anti-Russian propaganda is just a way of misdirecting the public about other more pressing issues such as ISIS members returning from Syria, Muslim sex grooming gangs (see Telford), the slashing of free speech, etc.

With Russia being 'enemy #1' for the entirety of the British MSM to spout, they can quite easily misdirect the normies into being afraid of the wrong thing, and also keeps the 'racist' narrative away from the public eye. It's textbook Orwellian bullshit. The real thing you shouldn't like is this ridiculous game of 'poke the Russian bear' the media and government have been doing for well over a year now.

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It's all part of it isn't it. I mean, how will they ever get a one world government with the likes of Russia in the way? They wouldn't, hence laying the groundwork for ensuring the masses only have a negative view of Russia.

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I think its only sensible that ye boycott the world cup. We have no problem with the Russians though so we'd be happy to take your place, just to help out our neighbour of course.

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I was going to say something like "You'd only embarrass yourselves" but we'll do that anyway.

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Mate we have mandatory radio 2 on in my work and (apart from being shit all day long) when it hits the politic thing at midday sometimes I just think lul wut.

I've already been pulled up because I have an opinion outside the box. lol.

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Shocking isn't it. I made a comment last week about how ITV news had Bill Browder on saying that we should act against Russia (over the poisoning thing) and that we didn't need to wait for proof. I also heard them end a segment on the poisoning thing saying that it "...comes from Russia". That wording is very, very misleading in that it would make the average douchebag assume it was Russia that did it without any further proof. What they should have said is that it originated in Russia but is now held by at least 16 other countries, including our own, and oh, coincidentally, right there in Porton Down, Salisbury where it fucking happened! Adding that it could have been any one of those, or other rogue agents, and that we shouldn't speculate at this stage. That would be too much like truth and not enough like an agenda though, wouldn't it.

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Brits never banned An Phoblacht (IRA newspaper) in spite of a decades long bombing campaign in Britain. Why is one incident with the Russians attracting stronger censure than the IRA ever attracted?

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To over-shadow the Telford sex grooming scandal uncovered a few days ago. It's all staged and appropriately timed to misdirect the public away from far more important matters. It's absolutely propaganda and the sleeping masses just hear that buzzword 'Russia' and react accordingly.

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can you link me a source about the telford sex grooming. this is the first I'm hearing about it.

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What kind of shit hole country would ban journalists?

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Tit-for-tat strategy in action.

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Dirty kikes couldnt get their war with Russia via the U.S. so they've moved on to plan b. Gas them all

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So if Jews poison someone in the UK with Russian poison, then its the Russians who did it........so stupidity does not require planes in towers

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ya this seriously sounds like a false flag

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RT is the only news channel in the UK that wasn't trying to sell an invasion of Syria. It actually referred to terrorists as "terrorists" instead of "moderate rebels". It also highlighted the link between ISIS and the white-hats producing anti-Assad propaganda. UK doesn't want anyone questioning the globalist narrative and is using this spy "story" to silence dissent.

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Could you imagine if Russia invading England is part of Trumps plan

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