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Under the guise of preventing child abuse

so blatant guilty until proven innocent. There needs to be a lawsuit to shutdown this obviously unconstitutional law.

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Another attack using their favorite approach 'redefining' . "teaching your children is child abuse" is what this should read.

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this is why originalism exists. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Originalism

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Well if they'd stop forming home schools in crack dens then we wouldn't have these problems to begin with. It's uncanny how those abusive crackheads manage to fill out all the paperwork, etc.

EDIT: /s. I guess the sarcasm wasn't obvious enough.

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They've banned home schooling in several european countries. Too dangerous to not let the state brainwash children.

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I hope law enforcement starts noticing that the homeschoolers have a healthier, brighter culture than the collectivists.

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Think about the term "law enforcement." It doesn't matter what they realize. They are paid to enforce the law. The law is written by criminal scum, but never mind that!

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even if they do, it won't matter. they don't want people that can think for themselves.

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The fact that the state can tell you how to educate your own child shows just how far we've fallen as a nation. No one should be able to tell you how to raise your child, no one.

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I can't wait for this to go to the Supreme Court.

It's long past time to start putting ((( Them ))) back in their place.

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The oven?

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Free Rides In Trump Helicopters might be more "eco-friendly".

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Wouldn't it have to actually pass before anyone could take it to a local court, and then district court, and only then Supreme Court?

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This bill would require parents to annually inform their county school boards of their homeschool child’s primary instructor and of the primary location where homeschooling is taking place each year. Furthermore, in order to legally homeschool in the state of Maryland, parents would be required to allow a representative of the county board to observe instruction at the family’s primary homeschooling location at least twice a year. Finally, this bill would require county school board employees who observe a family’s instruction and who believe a homeschool child has been subjected to abuse or neglect to report their suspicion to the proper authorities.


This bill, like the similar one proposed in California last month, was a reaction to the horrific scene that unfolded in mainstream media in the case of David and Louise Turpin. The couple is facing 12 counts of torture after police learned that their 13 children were severely malnourished, forced to stay chained to their beds, and living in horrific conditions, among other forms of torture that have been ongoing for several years.

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The jew is getting upset. Now that public education and college numbers are plummeting(for good reason), they need to make sure alternatives are completely banned. Also this is Maryland, which is just an extension of DC, so not surprising for that state. What I don't get, why make the indoctrination so expensive? The kike, in his attempt to maximize profits and indoctrinate, ended up fucking himself over.

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The students are too young and dumb to understand debt. They become debt slaves. They have to pay off the debt by working. This keeps them in the system indefinitely. Constantly working as slaves of the bankers. The bankers profit immensely from this and secure their place as masters in the system.

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Sounds like Maryland just streamlined the state sanctioned abduction of children from their homes and families.

This wouldn't be so bad if there weren't individuals who think that if a child doesn't have sex before eight then they are too late[PDF].

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What happens when they add stipulations to what the person can learn otherwise it's considered wrong or whatever

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Can’t have kids learning the truth about the world.

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Oy vey the jews are in full panic!!!

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