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it has not cost him enough.. we can do better..

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100 years ago the profession of actor was considered lower status than a prostitute.

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still is if you stop listening to what the TV tells you.

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Nailed it

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Court jester/clown

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Court Jester at least had some value to society.

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They lie for a living.

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They pretend to do things that any human is capable of experiencing naturally in exchange for money.

'Whore' pretty much hits the bullseye dead center.

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They are whores. Professional liars who only exist to make people feel a certain way with their lies. Thats acting phrased differently but when put in that perspective it's easy to understand why theyre used as propaganda tools


How the Romans treated actors. It was the lowest of the low. Considered lower than prostitutes. A position reserved for foreigners, captives, and slaves.

Emperor Julian made it illegal for a priest to defile himself by setting foot in a theater.

Emperor Tiberius banned roman knights and senators from intercourse with those cretins.

Actor is a perfect profession for a psychopath/sociopath because their entire life is spent acting. Putting on fake emotions to blend in. Theyre also willing to do what is necessary to achieve what they want, and nowadays for actors that usually involves demeaning backroom sexual acts with producers. They also have a super inflated sense of self worth.

Just because you are overpaid for what you do does not mean your opinion is more valuable or you matter more. You provide no practical value. Nothing actually practically useful in your profession. You create distractions for those who do create practical useful things to waste their lives away.

Sever the cord. Find something else to do in the real world. Their only point in existing is to waste your life away living vicariously through their fantasy world. Your time is too valuable to waste with those "people".

Once you stop watching all tv and movies it's amazing how much you realize you didn't actually need it

They want you distracted, compliant. So in between their fantasy of lies they can push

"Eat this food" (thatll make you fat)

"Drink this drink" (thatll make you depressed)

"Take this pill for your depression" (thatll make you turn into a zombie and eventually kill yourself)

"If you dont have X product your life is unfufilled"

Watch, consume, work, sleep. Repeat repeat repeat. Don't grow as a person. Definitely don't think for yourself. The rectangular screens you stare at all day will do everything for you

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Witch-face crybaby jew boy is a laughing stock.

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What a brave jew you are Mr. Kimmel. Crying on TV and then admitting that your bravery has been a "commercial" sacrifice.

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He's crying over the shekels he's losing.

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So now he's playing up the martyr angle where he is making a personal sacrifice to bravely share his beliefs.

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Eventually when the money slows enough he will lose his job.

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Idk, the Jews have a major bankroll. And if thing are unfolding the way it appears to be, the Jews are about to double down

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Adam Corolla was the superior talent.

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It has not cost him a dime. The pandering he does to the politically correct side brings in more dollars than he would earn otherwise.

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