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Too bad "hate speech" has already been ruled protected by the First, faggot.

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Uppity House Goblin London mayor jihad Khan

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"Jihadi Khan"?

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Jihadi Khan? GENIUS!

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The first is unstable because your speech isnt protected everywhere anymore

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It's almost as if the rights enumerated in the Constitution and Bill of Rights were interlinked and massively important, and allowing the degradation of one caused the degradation of them all.

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What would happen if whitey threw acid in this fuckers face while hes here in the states? Would he condem acid attacks or just shrug it off as a sign of diversity?

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Then it would just be part & parcel of course. He'd fully understand

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Your comment was word for word my thought...then a split second later I read it.

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Cultural appropriation

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Acid is a paki thing. He'd feel right at home, the smug piece of mohammedan shit.

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it would be a racially motivated hate crime.

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Should have denied him entry into the US when he arrived for being a "racist"

Goose meet gander.

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Yeah how in the fuck isn't he on a terrorist watch list?

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Because the SPLC, Fbi, Dhs, and the ADL are in charge of that list, annnnnd you guest it, they also are terrorist/enablers.

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Wasn't it that he refused to invite Trump to London so the Queen invited him for a visit instead? It would have been perfectly fair to deny him entry. "I'm not welcome here? OK, you're not welcome here."

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They should have detained him for questioning.

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Mr. Sexgangs run wild raping in England is giving advice in the US? Someone bitchslap him back to Londonistan.

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Listen, when you smell like goat pussy all the time, it’s hard to get women to consent. Try walking a mile in his sandals.

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This subhuman wants "hate" speech outlawed because it thinks its loathsome prophet and the vile "religion" it spawned should be forcibly imposed upon the entire global population ; free speech is a barrier to that goal.

Any country that adopts "hate speech" legislation is volunteering its citizenry as slaves for the global caliphate this subhuman is doing its small part to impose.

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"But ask yourself this, what happens when young boys and girls from minority backgrounds see this kind of thing on their timelines or experience this themselves?" Kahn said.

They learn there are consequences for not assimilating, that's what happens you goat-fucking savage.

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Back when i was young, it meant harden the fuck up. Someone insult you? Well ignore it, or take it in and find out how to fix it. But in today's world, a small criticism is enough to send you to HR so everyone is perfect and snwflakey

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Even as a kid who was pretty heavily bullied, getting rid of them is not the answer. If the choices are to be like these millennials or to be swirlied a time or two, I'll take the latter. They toughened me up, and a little bullying seems to be necessary to a point. These idiots think they can talk evil out of the world and that's a delusion.

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Emotional Blackmail is Power when women control democracy.

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Why did DHS let this terrorist into the country. He should be on a no-fly list.

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The DHS would need proof to put an important person on a no-fly list.

I suspect Kahn is corrupt rather than a terrorist - so listen when he is talking to property developers.

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Won't denounce acid attacks, rape gangs, and will not entertain the idea of Islamic terrorism - even though Islam is responsible for 98% of terrorism in the world.

Sounds like a terrorist to me.

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He should be on a deep fry list as well.

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And London is (and all non-white areas in the US are) proof that the other races, apart from East Asians, do not belong in our societies.

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