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I do not know why people are still going to college unless it's to become an engineer or doctor. It's just a waste of money.

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Agreed. People should try to take advantage of capitalism and start their own business's more often. If you want to take a particular class bc you think it would be beneficial to your job or business, just buy and read the textbook. That's all college is anymore anyway; teacher reads from the book and does problems from the book. You can find worked problems or chegg. Unless you REALLY need that piece of paper then college is over rated.

I'm an engineer and got my bachelor's, have had 2 engineering jobs and one interview pending, and none of them asked for proof of my degree.

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That's all college is anymore anyway; teacher reads from the book and does problems from the book. You can find worked problems or chegg.

Jesus what university did you go to? I mean, sure my early 100 level classes, and a couple 200 level ones were from-the-book-that-the-teacher-wrote affairs where chegg was absolutely essential if you didn't want to sort through 1,200 pages of jenkum snorting.

Now the ones where I do actual eng/cs/prog/math are impossible to find on chegg. Or just about anywhere else. Believe me, with open book take-home online exams I tried. At a certain point there is no substitute, no cheating, no hand-holding. Just you and the material.

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There are too many artificial barriers to business. Regulations, licenses, etc...

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Just so you know, things are stacked against you if you're White. Non Whites starting small businesses get tax free running for the first five years, they team up with a family member in Canada which has the same anti-White arrangement, every five years they "sell" each others businesses to one another, restarting the no tax for the first five years, and repeat every five years for perpetual no tax, forever undercutting White businesses to bankrupting. They also get to hire only them and theirs, 100% non White workforce, legally promoted, 100% "diverse," while Whites are legally prohibited from doing the same.

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My job only hires programmers with that 4 year paper. But there are not really many if not any jobs that require a degree in 'dancing'.

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I'm going to be an engineer. They still want you to waste your time taking completely fucking unrelated social and art classes.

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Yeah we had to take a few liberal classes but not too many. I had to take a technical writing class taught by a feminist who made us read articles about lack of women in engineering.

I know a girl who is very smart and did much better in engineering school than I did. She only did it bc of society pushing women into industries. Well she held an engineering job for about 6 months and hated it. She's now a teacher. Feminists are a blight on modern society

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University is supposed to be about producing well rounded citizens that have a breadth of knowledge and experience. That these are now considered "useless" is a sign of the decline of our society, where we can no longer afford these luxuries and must instead put all of our efforts into being perfect worker bees.

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They still want you to waste your time taking completely fucking unrelated social and art classes.

Funnily enough, the ONLY reason gender studies and racial studies haven't simmered away is because they agressively forced their way into the degree curriculum. No one beyond hopeless retards would willingly pay money to be told they are the scum of the earth

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"I never let my schooling get in the way of my education" -Mark Twain

More true now than ever before.

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there's a word for that. "scam"

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I met someone who essentially does what I do for a private company. He gets a measly $60k with basic benefits and no holiday. I break nearly 8x that and I don't report to anyone. Offered him a better paying position with me. Poor bastards wife wouldn't allow it because it was "too risky". So risky that I have to find a bigger assembly and warehouse space. To each their own I guess.

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I once had my English professor say that Trump meaning of "drain the swamp" meant that he was going to deport all the black people. College has more dumb people in it than smart people.

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The biggest idiots I have ever met in life were educated.

[–] Pointyball 1 points 12 points (+13|-1) ago 

Just tell him/her according to the Quran, Allah only created man and woman. You can't quote the Bible, because christian religious persecution is currently fashionable. If your professor complains scream at them that they are a racist islamophobe and storm out of the class. The University will apologize.

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Go to a trade school! Fuck these nigger coddling "colleges" that hate white people but love there money.

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Agreed I've shilled for trade schools for years. You make more money, are significantly more employable, and have a ton of less debt. Plus you don't have to take White Guilt 101 to receive your degree.

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Isn't professor's job to educate student

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Did he forget to prepend his assertion with "In the absence of mental disease ..."?

Just as well to forgo graduation; a diploma from an insane asylum is worthless.

[–] TheBuddha 2 points -1 points (+1|-2) ago 

That's probably closer to the truth. They were probably removed for disruptive behavior. I've had to do so in just the two years I spent teaching.

Then again, who knows? Universities have, shall we say, become quite different since my experiences.

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Leftists consider any words that disagree with them "disruptive" or even outright violence against them.

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Students have to be aware not to tell the truth in school.

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So... the Bible lists two genders, and this guy gets kicked out of Bible study for saying those genders.................... sorry, my internal processor got locked up while typing this flawed, fallible logic

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