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This is the CRAZY that the Left has been trying to spread out from Academia/College Campuses in the USA. ENOUGH!

If we do not have FREE SPEECH and the right to hear dissident opinions then we lose everything.

Britain, you are about to lose it all because, in spite of these egregious violations of your rights, you continued to show up for your jobs as though you had no other choice.

Hopefully, millions of you will have the balls and the common sense to finally get off your knees and take back your country from the Islamists and the Collaborators.


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Just like they did in WW2... In case you didn't know Britain was among the ones who threatened Germany first as I recall back in 1933. It's a nice hope. But not realistic I'm afraid. The cucks got even more cucked after WW2. Besides whites are minority in London now. Which even more decreases the chances of some "cucks" standing up suddenly. They would have done so a long time ago like De boer and afrikaaners are doing in South Africa now.

Judea declares war on Germany in 1933.


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? I don't know about that. When Germany was airlifting Franco & his troops to Spain (Franco led the Army of Africa, they had been in Morocco), they were nervous that Britain would intervene. When Britain didn't, they realized no one was going to put up a fight to their re-arming. The Spanish Civil War was a useful smokescreen for that program.

Britain's ruling class sort of tacitly approved of Hitler for a long time. This is probably one reason Hitler didn't hit at Britain harder. The cultures, overall, were very similar. A professor of mine was an RAF prisoner of war and said the guards were always nice to him. They used to play chess with him. They respected him because he was educated similarly to them, similar religions (Anglicanism and Catholicism) etc. Of course these were also career Army guys he was dealing with, not necessarily Nazi party members.