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HUD senior adviser spread conspiracy theory about Clinton campaign chairman: report | TheHill

'John Gibbs, who has worked as a senior adviser since last August, tweeted multiple times about a conspiracy theory that John Podesta participated in a Satanic ritual involving bodily fluids. '

'In one instance, Gibbs quote-tweeted a comment that Clinton was losing support among black voters because Podesta took part in “Satanic #SpiritCooking,” and added “True, true, and true,” CNN reported. ', "CNN was able to obtain Gibbs' tweets through the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine."

'A HUD spokesman declined to comment to the news outlet on Gibbs’ past tweets, saying the agency doesn’t weigh in on remarks not made as a public official. '

'Gibbs used the hashtag #SpiritCooking in other instances as well, CNN reported. '

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