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The Texas church shooting was stopped by a barefoot redneck with an AR-15. He was aided by a cowboy in a pickup truck. But remember, we need to take guns away from guys like them. Only the police need guns. But the police are racists who shoot black men. So we need to demilitarize the police. Then... Uh, oh. I'm stuck in an infinite loop.

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Those 2 guys just did what ANY American has the right to do...should be able to do. They showed that in an emergency,they could,and did respond. They wern't runnin around town brandishing...but when the shit hit the fan....these ol boys did what what needed to be done

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Johnnie Langedorf and Stephen Willeford deserve the Presidential Medal of Freedom. But they'll never get it.

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Heh. Word on /pol/ is that the two officers were actually there and were the ones who did the shooting, hence, that teacher seeing a shooter and wondering why police were there. Meanwhile, the sheriff department stood down and let them do their killing and wouldnt let anyone-not even paramedics into the building supposebly to give the two SWAT cops enough time to get out of their gear and leave before the sheriff let anyone in. Then they arrested their pre-arranged scapegoat Cruz Honestly this is a happening where I really don't know who the fuck to believe.

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That's possible...exetremely unlikely.

Or that those two officers heard the call of a school shooting in progress and said "fuck precedure we're going" And now have gotten into trouble for doing so.

As more witness statements and video come out I guesse we will find out.

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Or that those two officers heard the call of a school shooting in progress and said "fuck precedure we're going" And now have gotten into trouble for doing so.

According to the article, they didn't respond until after the shooting was over. Also, it's not that they went after being told not to, it's that they didn't let anyone know they were going. I can understand how that would potentially cause problems if there were multiple fireteams clearing the building and they run into some friendlies they didn't know were supposed to be there.

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Had a similar situation here with a known drug house nearby. As the cars started encircling the house people on the front steps and back porch saw the cops. They ran inside, started flushing everything, calling their dial a dope guys to stay away, then destroyed their phones. Some of the first cops decided to barge on it even stopping some of it but because they didn't wait for orders everything got thrown out in court. Also curiously learned that the cops here don't really do anything about smaller drug dealers unless they see something blatant or it covers enough property to make a big forfeit. Calling 911 because you see a junkie with track marks all over her get into a car at 2am that only gives them a 1 block ride doesn't seem to interest the police.

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Ya as more evidence never comes to light and the building is destroyed.. I'm still waiting for one god damn video of paddock in the casino playing video poker or walking around.. nope not one photo of him during the time he was there moving 27 guns and 3000 rounds up to his room.

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As more witness statements and video come out I guesse we will find out.

I'm still waiting for the Vegas ones...

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uh excuse me but sherriff jersulem did a great job and is an awesome leader, he said so himself. as sheriff, what everyone else does is not his responsibility, thats crazy.. sherriff jersulem's responsibility is the department, but not anything the staff, protocols, or accountability...just the other things.

awhiteguyuno - yea that sums it up, sounds spot on to me. i feel bad for nikolas...17 counts. kid's mom died November 2017 [probably offed her, good timing on dying mom], days before it all went down, he's calling the authorities telling them he needs help that his mom just died, and those fuckheads at the same time are already destroying whatever part of him was hanging on. [the fuck is the surveillance footage btw, given this kids mental state, someone needs to get on investigating that dam attorney of his. you have multiple witnesses describing multiple shooters, ZERO of said wintesses saw nikolas, ZERO described shooters match his clothing...including one witnessing nikoals un-armed while shots are fired in another part of the school....and the first thing that twat atorney cant wait to do is get the court and plead guilty to 17 counts of murder...what in the fuck man].

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ZERO of said wintesses saw nikolas, ZERO described shooters match his clothing

Interesting. Wasn't there a girl in one of the corridors said she saw him?

First time I've heard this claim. Have you been documenting what the witnesses have been saying?

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This was my first thought! Then they destroy the building so no physical evidence is left.. has anybody seen the god damn video tapes of the shooter yet? I mean we should see him in full gear then see him take it off and blend in with the kids and walk out..

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Did you actually type out "supposebly" and think it was correct or are you just fucking with people like me?

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Was slightly intoxicated lol

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How can we fit Russia into this narrative is all I wanna know

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All rednecks and cowboys are Russian. You can believe me, because I was born in the South and this makes me an expert on all things Southern - especially Russian identification.

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Russia obviously was behind the attack. And one of their operatives screwed up with the comms, and the two swat members heard the plans and went to investigate. /s

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/s for serious. Got it

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Sounds more like msm covering the tracks of the 2-3 shooters so that when we point to the evidence of multiple shooters, bluepilled people can cling to the belief swat officers showed up and went in before police did. before getting ordered to. and nothing about these swat were known in the original narrative.

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Oy Oy, don't be a hero, you are messing with the narrative.

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They would have been told to stand down regardless.

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You can't mess with false flags or they'll be consequences.

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Comment on point.

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Didn't get the memo that it was their guys doing the shooting, huh?

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