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Strong men get results. Limp noodles make chaos.

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I need to get that engraved on a AR lower

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Imma tattoo this on my dick.

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You just have me a great idea.

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But Stormy Daniels!!!!

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Muh Russia

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its funny she became the number one porn star on porn hub...everyone wants a piece of that because of trump... also i know porn is degenerate im trying to do no fap but its not easy

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The condition is complete nuclear disarmament. Remember that. That is the only acceptable offer from N. Korea. In return, they do not starve to death.

Tariffs are the plug that pulled the power out of the China-N.Korea alliance.

And I suggest that assassination threats from China might also have spooked fatty into making a deal.

TRUMP = Best US President since Kennedy.

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I honestly thought he was a total idiot from wrestling when all this started, but Jesus Christ the man gets results, you simply cannot argue with outcomes like this.

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According to some patriotic CIA spooks, the most accurate rendition of Kim Jong-Un in modern culture is actually from the James Franco/Seth Rogen movie The Interview: an extremely intelligent and ruthless young man who maintains a carefully-crafted persona to keep control of his power and his country.

The reason why both Un and his father were much louder and much more likely to ignore the US under Bush and Obama is because everyone knew that they would never actually do anything to intervene (Clinton wasn't even a threat to them, since those two traitors literally supplied Korea with the very same uranium that they are currently using in their nukes). These past few months haven't been "Trump driving us to nuclear war", it's been "someone who typically likes to to play 'Chicken' to establish dominance, suddenly finding themselves up against a hardened badass who was determined to win at whatever he does, peace or war, and the 'Chicken' finally showing his proper place by carefully de-escalating (like a penitant criminal carefully surrendering himself to the police)."

Make no mistake: North Korea is China's puppet just like Iran is Russia's puppet (Chinese/Russian money backing their economy, Chinese/Russian military guarding their borders from NATO forces, Chinese/Russian diplomats arguing in favor of the puppets over the US whenever it won't hurt their home country, etc.), and the fact that North Korea is publicly discussing peace talks after 60+ years of "temporary cease-fire" war says that Trump is finally shattering China's resistance to MAGA Worldwide.

Add in the US allying with India (which is set to have the largest economic growth by 2030, simply needing extra money and steel to support their advancements), and we have all-but guaranteed a victory against China without even firing any physical shots in their general direction. #TheArtOfTheDeal

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(((they))) will find a way to spin this in a bad way though

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Military stocks are in free fall.

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Main reason why Obama's tariffs didn't work was because Obama was cucked by China.

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cucked by China.

...along with the entire Washington establishment and almost all the economic schools and think tanks in the nation. They gladly take the Chinese "endowments" to push the Walmart Agenda, and that Chinese Money is YOUR 401K and Mutual Fund coming right back at the American people like a ricochet bullet. China is the WORST of all possible investments and yet TPTB are in the pocket of China.

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I was thinking more Andrew Jackson, as Kennedy got shot before he got to the same ((thing)) Jackson was attacking.

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Andrew Jackson was a BEAST! We need more of him!

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When is USA going to denuke?

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Hopefully, it will happen. Same with other countries, especially Israel.

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When there's no more glass to be made.

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ban assault nukes!

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When Russia, China, and North Korea do.

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Trump will get NK to denuclearize

will get no recognition or respect

Obongo does nothing, gets an nobel prize for being half chimp

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That's yet to be seen. Kim Jong Un is not known to be a very rational person. What he says at one point doesn't mean that's what he will do

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I have an optimistic outcome idea for this.

Trump negotiates with Kim.

Kim agrees to denuclearize under the terms that he is allowed to stay in power

Trump gets Kim to agree to focus less on military and more on economic growth, use of natural resources, and the well being of his people.

They agree to a peace treaty

The US shall help him develp his nation under our supervision and bring his people out of starvation, develop an actual economy, and do away with work camps.

Kim's people continue to praise him as a god-ruler, but he no longer so heavily relies on propaganda because everyone is doing much better.

The US, SK, and NK end up being good allies just like Japan.

I'm slightly drunk but dammit what if?

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12 October 1994: the United States and North Korea signed the "Agreed Framework": North Korea agreed to freeze its plutonium production program in exchange for fuel oil, economic cooperation, and the construction of two modern light-water nuclear power plants. Eventually, North Korea's existing nuclear facilities were to be dismantled, and the spent reactor fuel taken out of the country. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timeline_of_the_North_Korean_nuclear_program

This has been tried before. Kim Jing Jong is just buying himself some time because he is afraid of what might happen with a Trump leadership in the US. NK has NO intention of disarming, NO intention of stopping nuclear production. If Trump makes a deal with them he's been played as a fool.

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Imagine this headline, "Trump Ends Korean War."

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Oh the MSM will find fault with it, you'll never see them give him credit for anything.

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Trump ends long standing ceasefire.

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CNN: Russia orchestrates korea peace talks to bolster Trumps midterm popularity.

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Twitter replies would be "we see right through you russian!" or "thank goodness now how long can this IDIOT keep his hands off the button!" or "he wasnt the one who did it, it was probably kim who was more rational" etc.

Is there ever going to be a point where the average clueless person will just stop their madness?

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"I explained to President Trump that his leadership, and his maximum pressure policy, along with international solidarity, brought us to this juncture," South Korean national security adviser Chung Eui-yong told reporters after meeting with Trump at the White House."

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Its after 7. What happened?

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Trump agreed to meet.

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Very disappointing, very short announcement from SK. Basically "Hey I talked to Kim and he says he's ready to negotiate with the US and not test any more nukes for the time being." and then Trump said "Alrighty then, we'll meet soon."

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"I explained to President Trump that his leadership, and his maximum big balls, along with his gigantic swinging member, brought us to this juncture," South Korean national security adviser Chung Eui-yong told reporters after meeting with Trump at the White House."

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You American's with your very big penis.

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What if the face to face meeting is just a ploy for an assassination attempt.... 0_o (puts on tin foil hat)

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Our security apparatus is far better than that.

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Lil Kim would have armed security, though, wouldn't he?

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