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No. Don't send them back. Kill them where they stand. The filthy sub-humans thought they could invade our lands, grow fat & lazy off of our food & labor, rape & murder our women and children, destroy our culture, and ultimately conquer us. They deserve no mercy. Kill every single last non-white in Europe.

And when their blood is running in the streets, grab every filthy Kike responsible for letting the savages in and hang them from every lamppost in the capital. Let the streets be red with the blood of sub-human wretches, and the skies be filled with the swinging bodies of putrid, scheming, evil kikes. The crows will feast.

After that, grab all the race traitor white women and publicly shame them before offering them an ultimatum. Be exiled from their homelands they betrayed to go live with the non-white hordes they opened their legs to, or hang with the kikes.

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Always deal with the traitors first.

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Kill every single last non-white in Europe.

What about the East Asians who don't steal, rape and murder?

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Personally I don't mind the East Asians, except the Chinese. They should be treated as well as possible and deported back to their country of origin or to non-European countries that will have them. We could also have them settle some area, Madagascar or somewhere.

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I know you're angry but that will never happen man.

Especially this part "Kill every single last non-white in Europe" here.

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Might be a little to late my Swedish fishy friends. But best of luck!!!

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Sweden Democrats are now the top party by percentage. There needs to be a further right party in order to keep the SD pushing for the deportation of Islam and to allow for the mainstreaming of SD.

"Oh, you are with Sweden Democrats!? What a relief! That's fine. I was worried you were one of those folks from Alternative for Sweden!"

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Save Our Sweden, SOS. Did they miss that?

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This party needs 51% of the votes, at least.

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too late. sweden is lost.

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Nothin gonna happen Sweden is Muslim now

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There are probably more islamists in the USA than the total population of Sweden.