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If you don't know what type of gun you're dealing with, how can you possibly ban it? Policymakers who haven't done their research are why so much of the left is against guns - that and their intrinsic desire to be oppressed.

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Philadelphia banned 3-D printed guns before even one was produced in the city, let alone used in any crimes IN THE ENTIRE WORLD.

They did it solely to signal their virtuous nature, "We are the first to ban 3-D printed guns!"

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Which makes it especially idiotic when you realize that 3d printed guns wont be a thing for decades. Even assuming you could print a mold, you'd still need the inner components to get it to function. Not only do they not understand the concept of 3d printing, they dont understand what a firing pin is either

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They have done their research and absolutely know what they are doing. Problem is, they are lying to you.

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-Any weapon used in an assault is a de facto assault weapon. Language matters.

-AR-15 doesn't stand for assault rifle.

-Semiautomatic doesn't mean rapid fire

-"Scary looking" tacticool guns are no different mechanically than hunting rifles.

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And I use my black tacticool rifles for hunting anyway, and so do all the hunters I know under 50

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I've come to the conclusion that it's not about banning guns for any practical reason, it is purely for revenge against white males.

They know most gun crime is with black market pistols bought and sold by their constituents with only a few tens of people killed a year with scary black rifles, but revenge is more important, even when they lose elections

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My own pet theory is that these misinformed idiotic statements from policy makers and/or journalists are a form of tribal signaling; it is done deliberately to identify who is part of their base (made up of either the misinformed gullible or similarly cynical), from their perceived ennemies. Besides, their end goal has nothing to do with saving lives, on the contrary, so it doesn’t matter in the least whether their ‘policies’ make sense or not, each one contributing to eroding our rights either way.

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I'm pretty sure the policy-makers know that "assault-style weapons" is meaningless. They either want to be seen to be doing something, or they're hoping they can exploit ignorence to enforce a general weapons ban.

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Ive never thought of that, but it really does make sense.

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When they use words like fully semi automatic assault rifles.

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I saw a video clip yesterday (which I can't find right now) that had a city council member saying they should ban clips because once the clip is empty you're out of bullets and you have to buy a new clip. Problem solved.

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If someone says clip instead of magazine I stop listening.

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It doesn't even matter which one they meant... in either case you can reload both clips and magazines, that's the whole point.

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I guess the only positive side is that I'll get to see some awesome forgotten weapons videos about the weird firearms people come up with to circumvent the ban.

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"If you don't have a vagina you can't possibly understand the issues"

Same people:

"I don't have to understand anything about guns to know what's right."

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Dishonesty and ignorance in discussion about banning any type of gun is just astounding. You know immediately what's up when it's centered on aesthetics and not functionality. In addition their invented on spot terminology and buzzwords are just so fucking embarrassing.

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Assault rifle is a great example of such a term, semi auto rifles are over 100 years old and the AR-15 itself is over 60 years old, and I don't think was ever even conceived of as an assault rifle until the 90s.

The AR-15 is an American classic

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That pic brings back good memories. Qualifying at the rifle range was always my favorite.

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Policymakers are stupids.

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