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John Deere has put it in every tractor sold that only John Deere approved servicing companies may buy parts or repair your John Deere tractor. They threaten to sue the buyer if he tinkers with the machine in any way. This ruling voids that and I support the right of a purchaser to mess with his own property. Fuck John Deere and fuck anybody demanding control over how a buyer use his stuff.

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To me that reads differently than what this bill is suggesting though.

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You can usually find enough info online and parts on ebay to fix anythimg. Friend runs an aftermarket bmw repair shop and has all the tools the local dealership has, and then some, plus a rolling road dyno. Determination will usually get you all you need.

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I think this bill is targeting things like the I-Phone with tiny surface mounts, diagnosing the blown component might not be too difficult, but identifying what the part is/does can be hard. Right now you need a donor board, with this legislation you could just order the part you need. It is also good for small/local repair shops(and consumers).

I was watching repair vids last week because I was board and professional shops were replacing parts with unknown properties.

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I have changed out three major parts in my galaxy s5. Pain in the ass, but doable, and all the data and apps on it means trading up would be a huge pain in the ass. Replaced charging port, replaced digitizer, and replaced the glass. Had good luck sourcing OEM parts from the people that sell them to samsung.

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How can something that makes sense come out of California

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A broken clock is right twice a day?

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The bill was co-sponsored by Assemblyperson Walrus, who was quoted as saying, "I am he, as you are he, and you are me, and we are all together."

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he he he, ha ha ha.

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Bill is a rapist. There's no repairing that.

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So, she is demanding companies to say, give diagrams to circuits and chips in electronic devices to everyone? Yeah, ok. That's not going to be used for corporate espionage at all. Unless I'm misunderstanding something here.

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theres not much you can do about competitors being able to take your product apart and see how it works. some companies try by encasing certain circuits in epoxy, but thats more of an annoyance if you really want to see underneath. trademark law is really all that protects against this.

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Even a broken clock...

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I thought people were already allowed to do that. We got a winner here.

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You are. Except in the cases of some farm equipment where you are entering into a use agreement which is sort of a quasi lease for parts of it. It doesn't sound like she is particularly even targeting this. It sounds more like she wants all electronics and equipment effectively open source which clearly would never be used for corporate espionage.

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I wouldn't really know cause I don't get electronics repaired.

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