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Vanderzee is permanently brain damaged and is being treated for depression and anxiety. After the attack, she had to undergo reconstructive facial surgery and now has 92 titanium screws installed in her face. All of her teeth were broken. She sustained broken facial bones and had eye surgery to install a plastic eye socket.

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See? No intent to kill right there.


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And the piece of shit only got three extra months.

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Should have gotten buried alive for 3 months.

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Fucking savages.

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As savage as they are, so must you be.

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Judge is an accessory to the next attack.

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Judge settles on 8 months in jail and releasing it back into society.

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Why no mention of race?

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They say "teen" right in the headline. That applies pretty specifically to niggers, sandniggers and injuns.

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grade level 2 mental ability and very low IQ.....you know the race.

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Either nigger, beaner or dune coon.

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Updated report from Feb 20, 2017

Vanderzee was working alone at the Elk Island Child and Youth Ranch northeast of Edmonton when the incident happened late that night. Now, two boys, aged 14 and 15-years-old, are facing charges of attempted murder, among others, for their alleged roles in the incident.

Vanderzee currently has no income, and her partner, Larry, is on a pension. A friend has started a GoFundMe page to help them with their financial challenges in the aftermath of the attack.

As the couple faces the long road ahead of them, Larry believes the courts should treat the two accused like adults and had a few harsh words for them.

“If they want to play in a big boy world, they should be taking big boy punishment.”

From Derram archive: 'BJN has a lengthy criminal record that includes convictions for eight violent offences, including attacks on other staff members at the Elk Island Youth Ranch. '

(((Eight convictions))) for violent offences, and he's at ranch with one elderly woman to supervise the house.

The 16-year-old, whose identity is protected under the Youth Criminal Justice Act, was earlier convicted of aggravated assault for the February 2017 beating of Heather Vanderzee, a staff member at Elk Island Child and Youth Ranch near Strathcona County where the youth was staying.

He was also convicted of stealing a motor vehicle, robbery and several counts of breaching court-ordered conditions. He was acquitted of attempted murder.

Provincial court Judge Geoff Ho sentenced the youth to a total of 24 months, though he was given credit for 13 months already spent in custody. He will spend three more months in custody, then (((eight months being supervised in the community))).

In custody? Is that what they call jail or is that the Ranch? Community? Being given recreational facility privilege?

A second teen charged in the attack pleaded guilty to robbery and two counts of breaching a youth sentence Jan 19. He was sentenced to 303 days in custody, plus nine months of probation.


Judge Ho found the 16-year-old perpetrated the assault alone, describing it as “brutal” and “unprovoked.”

But the judge said the case was a difficult one given the youth’s “organic brain issues.” Court heard the teen, who is days away from turning 17, functions at the level of a seven-year-old.

Apparently seven-year-olds in Canada know how to drive and commit robbery.

A psychological report filed as an exhibit with the court noted “he would not benefit from mental health therapy of any kind as he simply cannot process the information,” and that he doesn’t have the memory or cognitive capacity to manage counselling.

Both Crown prosecutor Marissa Tordoff and defence lawyer Gary Smith agreed that when the youth is released from custody, he needs to be in a supervised, structured and stable environment because of his risk of re-offending.

They then adjourned and had a bit of lunch and tea.

So which Ranch house were they in? www.elkislandranch.ca/ranch-3/ How many other kids had to be around this 'teen'?

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If he is unable to process therapy mentally why do we not euthanize him? A violent husk is not worth keeping alive. Or is that he CBC comi g around ti our side and signalling he was sub human?

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So, since this is the Canadian prairies, it is almost guaranteed that this piece of shit is Native. It’s also a guarantee that it has such severe fetal alchohol disorder that it will NEVER be anything other than a danger and destructive force in the world. The only real solution for subhumans like this in a sane world would be elimination. This thing should be straight killed like a violent dog. Too bad we live in a civilized part of the world with laws made with civilized humans in mind.

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So, since this is the Canadian prairies, it is almost guaranteed that this piece of shit is Native.

Are Native Americans/First Nations as bad as African niggers? I believe all African niggers should be destroyed but I don't have much experience with Native Americans. Can they be domesticated? I admit I have a certian romantic view of Native American culture though I am not so naive as to believe that all native tribes are peaceful or everything was great before the white man came.

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The problems aren't natives, per se, but alcohol. They can be as normal and productive as any white person, since they're technically of Eurasian stock. It's just that when they pick up the bottle, it's fucking game over for life.

Was in the army with a native who had his shit together and was in school full time on top of his army job. Never touched booze in his life because of his drunken father. He was a shining example of what a soldier is supposed to be. Picked up the bottle one day, violently raped some girl and got kicked out. Alcohol and natives just don't mix due to genetics.

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They can be quite decent as long as there's no alcohol. But yes I believe one needs to be careful around them.

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I would say they are better but not by much. It is hard to tell what is cultural or environmental and what is racial since they ALL have FAS and they are treated like untouchable victims by the government and society at large. They are repressed by their corrupt chiefs too. You can have a few function in society normally but they are like niggers in that those who do will mostly be professional trouble makers with no self reflection on their race outside of victimization.

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Except for abos almost no race is as bad as Africans but native Americans are still pretty bad

Btw I admit i use to have a romantic view on African niggers too. I don’t like Africans but I don’t hate them enough to want them “destroyed” unless maybe some sorta ironic justic

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It's almost time to eradicate the niggers of the world. I want to make some progress towards space in my lifetime, not sit around and wait for the sand/shit/nigger population to reach critical mass

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It's almost time to eradicate the niggers of the world. I want to make some progress towards space in my lifetime,



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All the "natives" of the Americas should have been wiped out when whites had the chance.

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Now there are enough niggers I wouldn't bet on that.

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I'm all for second chances and rehabilitation, the whole concept of redemption and forgiveness, but at a certain point society needs to face the facts that sometimes a mad dog needs to be put down. Maybe the kid is a fucking genetic critical failure, maybe he's from some hellish personal scenario, but nature or nurture he's a damn menace.

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After 8 violent attacks I think he used up all his chances. The real sentence should be hanging till death.

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Eh, fuck spectacle executions. We don't hang vicious animals, we needle them in a quiet room and dispose of the carcass. No fuss, no muss, no drama. I mean, who are we trying to scare or impress? Normal people aren't remorseless killers, and remorseless killers already don't much care or even think about consequence.

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Take this useless "teen" outback and kill it.

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Anything less is indecent to the rest of us

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And in 8 months someone else will be the next victim. Well done, Ca-nan-adian Judges!

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Canada never ceases to disappoint with it's cuckholding- they won't even release the name of this obvious psychopath who is an extreme danger to anyone around him.

Yeah, nobody needs to know the name/face of a psycho who nearly beat a group home worker to death after asking for a hug. Let him just slip into society, it'll be FINE.

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