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The tolerant left really showing their true colours. Instead of challenging him to an argument they get violent on the streets. Yet they are the ones who call us violent. They always project.

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If you were a space alien, watching from afar, with no idea of the ideologies that drive the groups, you would not be able to distinguish LW Antifa from fascist Nazi's in Germany or Italy in the 1930's, based on tactics and actions. IDENTICAL..

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A better analogy would be reading the actions of a group without having their name or supposed intentions listed.

"A group of individuals walked through a commercial area breaking out store windows, assaulting store owners and customers alike, and have marched to locations unknown".

"An individual brought a garrote to a public speaking event with the intents to use it to silence the opposition".

"Young adults formed a mob around a college with the intent of keeping faculty and students alike from listening to a public speaker. They employed threats of violence and in some cases even carried through to battery. They claim to be members of the party".

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Uh..... not really. Identical? Lmao, pick up a few history books would you?

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The Nazi's were better organized, dressed better, showed their faces, and used more violence.

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AntiFa is the KKK.

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I can't wait to read about one of these libtards learning about the stand-your-ground laws the hard way.

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Here is Antifas fighting Fascism.


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What is a garrote? The fiber wire thing that Hitman 47 uses ?

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Basically yeah, though it can be any material including brass or steel wire.

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well, someone played too much video games.

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Sounds like some children need a spanking , er, I mean, a time out.

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The event took place on Monday, not Tuesday.