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Country music stopped being "country" in like the late 90s/early 00s. It's quickly become a disgusting genre I like to call "pop with a twang". There are few true country artists left. Everything in entertainment has been vomited all over by Hollywood communists.

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Country music stopped being "country" in like the the late 90s/early 00s Early to mid 80's

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There’s a LOT of very good lesser known country bands and singers out there if you look

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Country music died with the Louvin Brothers. Real country is about killing the woman you love and tossing her into the river by her purty blonde hair.

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But that's wrong.

Clint Black, recorded mid 90's

Aaron Tippin, recorded early 90's

Brooks and Dunn, recorded early 00's

There's a lot out there, ignore the radio.

Also, define 'country". We might be on a different wavelength here.

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(((hollywood style communists))) anyone?

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Wow. Those Cultural Marxists have really done a number on the American culture, haven't they? Amazing.

Country music has no place for Jesus? Says who? Communists? I am not a believer but Jesus is certainly a central pillar of Country Music and that is a good thing! Jesus is fine by me. Cheers to Jesus and that hound in the pickup truck!

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I've listened to country in the current age, and it sounds almost exactly like pop. The chords are the same, the singing is the same, the topics are the same. The variations in the nuances are slightly different, and that's it.

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I got to listen to quite a bit of the "top country charts" the other weekend. The only real difference between country and pop these days is what drinks they mention.It's the same crap mass produced to meet an artificial media quota.

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Only 11 years ago Jesus Take the Wheel won a fucking Grammy.

This is Obama's legacy. Amazing the damage that can be done in such a short amount of time with such an embarrassment of a president. I couldn't fathom how much damage he would actually cause when he first took office.

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bye bye cma! time for you to become a lifeless husk on Zionist life support like cnn, the nfl, etc.

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Country music was jewd a looooong time ago. Many of the old dogs talked about it. They called it "murder on music row". Now we have little kikes like Brad Paisley and greasy retard kike Toby Keith. Its all an act to make money. They are NOT country boys. They've turned it into a fucking fashion show with yuppie models. Jews are the biggest threat America and white people face.

This is how they write a song in Nasheville. I've been there and seen it with my own baby blues. A bunch of ugly bizarre-looking kike sit in a circle and say "hmmm what would redneck inbreds like?". That's why almost every lame ass new country song says "I'm country, drive a truck down a dirt road, muh truck, fried chicken, be a patriot and fight wars, bl;ah blah fucking puke kike bullshit blah.

The day of reckoning quickly approaches.

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Who else could have created country-rap crossover

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The devil when down to Georgia.

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WTF country do they think they're in, Afghanistan?!

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(((CMA))) has been infiltrated

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Social engineering is in every mainstream media outlet. County music isn't special.

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