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Also turns out some of the incidents Cruz was supposedly involved in while in school would have been on his record until 24 yrs old and prevented him from buying a gun, but they were never officially reported by the school and police.

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Got to keep those crime statistics down...

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Just like how they let Charlottesville happen (police are there and aware) but no one does anything and then they attack the Bill of Rights.

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The FBI are crackpots and evil i will vent and rage against the FBI. Fuck the FBI i won't do what they tell me.

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The FBI lied, kids died. That is all. How could you not smile when FBI agents die? I smile every time. FBI are evil and insidious faggots.

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Allowing men to marry and adopt children.......this is evil!

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The FBI is insidious and evil. The FBI lied, kids died.