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Because we never actually have a gun problem. We have a nigger problem.

Nigger control makes more sense than gun control.

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Also three-letter-agency control.

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We caught a couple of those commie faggot AntiFa/BLM idiots hanging around and fed them to the pigs. We can only hope that their friends come looking for them.

We don't have crime because we eliminate the criminals. There are no bullshit liberal judges around here to protect illegal activity.

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Bullshit liberal judges are a big problem that people underestimate.

Look, if you give lenient punishment to a criminal you can be sure he'll repeat and encourage other criminal wannabe to follow suit.

Criminal deterrence is a thing. There's a reason why we used to have guillotines and lynching and shit.

Look at European nowadays, rapists everywhere because the know they can get away with rape.

Only people who want to commit crime or retards would ever support human rights for criminals.

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Was looking for this. Thank fuck it was at the top. It's the only logical conclusion to OP's headline.

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See my comment above: https://voat.co/v/news/2435963/12122891

While Kennesaw is a majority white area (one of the "white flight" areas near Atlanta), other nearby towns and cities with even fewer blacks actually have much higher violent crime rates. It seems like in Kennesaw, income and the gun law are the main factors.

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used to live there, can confirm the worst thing ya run into is traffic around the mall.

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Wait, required? I'm moving there.

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Neighborhood watch would be boring.

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Article is worthless without population. If it is a few thousand then 1 every 6 years probably makes sense.

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Fortunately we've got the Internet. 1 murder in ~33,000 population * 6 years = 1 in ~200,000 murders, or 0.5 in 100,000. USA murder rate is 4.88 in 100,000. So this is significantly lower. Looking at murder by city (to weed out the problem cities in the USA with an unusually high rate), 0.5 is still very low.

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The standard deviation would not make it statistically significant. In other words, if the actual average is 4.88 (if the town were large enough), chances are you'd see a low percentage for a small sampling of that larger population.

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Nice work. There are two 0.4s in that list and one 0.8.

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I came to this thread skeptical, but looking at the statistics, Kennesaw has lower violent crime than the nearby, very similar city of Woodstock, GA, and that could be due to the gun law. They both have similar populations, demographics, and median incomes. (ninja edit: here's my comment https://voat.co/v/news/2435963/12122891))

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I hadn't heard about these stats, and as a rather open-minded person, decided to do some comparisons between Kennesaw and other nearby cities in Georgia.

Here are the cities I compared, all in Georgia, north of Atlanta, somewhat near Kennesaw:

I looked at the statistics for a while, and I think there are some interesting facts pointing in a couple of different directions, both supporting and clarifying the statistics in the report.

First of all, Kennesaw is in Cobb county, one of the 100 wealthiest counties in America, and has a median household income well above the state average. It's pretty normal to assume that wealthier people commit fewer crimes, so that definitely has a strong effect on the crime rate. It explains a lot of the difference, especially when compared to most other cities in the United States.

However, Woodstock is an interesting comparison. It's only in the next county over, and has a very similar median household income (just a little bit lower). Yet, while the difference isn't enormous, it does have a significantly higher violent crime rate. On the extreme end, in 2010, Woodstock had 197 violent crimes per 100k people, while Kennesaw only had 60. Most of the other years recorded were closer, but Woodstock still had consistently higher violent crime rates.

The difference is far more significant than the difference in income, and might be due to the gun ownership law. Of course, we can't totally rule out other factors, since there might be more complicated things going on than the statistics would show, and the sample sizes are pretty small, but just based on stats the gun law certainly could be one of the major factors in the low violent crime rate in Kennesaw.

I also looked at the race stats for the three cities and the results are actually the opposite of what some might expect. Of the three cities, Kennesaw has the highest proportion of blacks and other races while at the same time having the lowest violent crime rate. Only 2% of the population of Cumming, Georgia is black, 1/5th the proportion of Kennesaw, and Cumming has a violent crime rate that is much larger than either Kennesaw or Woodstock. I think the major contributing factor there is income, as Cumming also has a far lower median income.

TL;DR While income seems like the main factor in violent crime rates, a nearby town with a similar median income had much more violent crime, so the gun law may be a contributing factor for lower violent crime rates. Race doesn't seem to be a factor.

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I was born in the south and live here comfortably. We don't have many carjackings and almost no home invasions. Anyone ever wonder why?

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You ever wonder why the democrates don't like the guns?

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Easy. Liberalism is a mental illness.

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Probably because you cannot create civil unrest if everyone is armed. Take away the guns and the danger of getting shot for bashing someone's head in goes to zero. Keep the guns and everyone has to keep a level head.

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Because criminals get shot.

In the worst case, they get shot

In the best case, their electors get shot.

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If you notice it's only the urban Democrats in the South that are against guns, the rural ones tend to still be against gun control

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this town must have no niggers.

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Is this the same Kennesaw that had the mass shooting at the FedEx?

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Yeah but it was a nigger, so only the shooter died.

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