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That's awesome . Remember , all that money the fed and states uses or wants is our tax dollars. Money you earned that they took. Fuck California. I'm a native Californian and it IS a shithole. Thank God I moved to Texas 15 years ago.


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My boss told me he got a ticket for smoking a cigarette in his own car in some city there. We got this really liberal cousin in the family, she planned to move to Cali, so she did. She moved back a month later. She said she couldn’t stand the people out there and now she views herself as right wing. She didn’t change her opinions she said they’re fucking nuts out there. Iv only been there once, went to la from Vegas. I thought it was funny how segregated it is.


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It's funny, because I have noticed a pattern that the left will shift to the right as soon as they see the extreme version of what they believe. It seems the biggest red pill to the left, is their own ideaology in crazy-mode


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