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Worst mass killing at a school ever in the US


Crazy guy elected school board treasurer in Bath Michigan. Was insane about trying to lower taxes. Like he didn't just want to cut out waste, he was voting against financial proposals and fighting to cut funding for necessary things just to keep the schools running. He also fought with the superintendent and wouldn't take no for an answer when the rest of the board voted against him. He was basically a giant asshole when things didn't go his way. He'd beat his horses to death for not performing to his expectations.

He ran for county clerk and lost.

So this gigantic cunt decided he'd get back at the entire town by murdering all their children.

He planted bombs and blew up the elementary school killing 43 people at the school (38 little kids).

They never mention that when talking about school killings despite it being the worst one in US history. Odd. Probably because it can't be used to push their agenda.

They dont care about dead kids. They care about control and pushing their agenda. They will use dead kids to do that and act like the most distraught upset people possible but inside it's only about getting what they want forced onto the rest of us. Psychopaths

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They want everyone to have slave minds. Just knowing you have a right to arm yourself and defend yourself according to your own judgment makes you not a slave. They want slaves. They want people who have to look to authority for security because they have no other options. Slaves are easy to program and exploit. Free men you have to negotiate with for rational mutual benefit.

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wow first i have heard of this...

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I bet he was a liberal.

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Liberals will always support mass killing as long as most of the victims are white. They just won't say it.

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I wouldnt want to mess with Mormon s out there. The military likes to recruit them. Due to them being able to stay on long deployments without worrying about the wife cheating. They can also be pretty big on guns, unless someone is poking around for a religious war. I'd stand with the Mormons on that.

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They also are (usually) very well behaved and do as they're told.

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Keep fit, dress sharp, good wives, and they store enough food and water to survive for a year independently.

They can have their magic undies and rituals. Mormons are alright with me.

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They are perfect ZOG, in every way. Jews couldn't have asked for a finer specimen.

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They also make up a huge percentage of the FBI.

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This is 100% true. All in all great people and tend to lean right obviously.

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They have a belief of actually following the laws of the land you live in. They don't put up with non-assimilation. Utah is a bastion of libertarian/conservative civic nationalism.

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Thanks for not judging us all by Harry Reid and mitt Romney!

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I've spent a bit of time in Utah, and if it wasn't for the "outsiders are evil" stigma I got in Vernal I may have married a lovely girl and never left.

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Raised Mormon, but not active. Their kool aid isn't for me theologically but I'm finding so many cultural/societal things that are great about them as I get older. I can't drink all of their kool aid, but god damn are they a cut above most people on trustworthiness scale. By and large, they are good people, and some of the best neighbors to have.

I probably do more missionary work for them on 4chan religion boards than most missionaries in the field.

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I live 30 minutes from Hurricane, UT. The actor was a minor so they haven't released his name. There are lots of local rumors, but this is the first that I heard that he was Muslim.

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Howdy neighbor! I haven't seen anything that said this kid was a muzzie either and seriously doubt he is outside of his own broken mind. From all I've read in the local news I think we can assume it to be a socially isolated juvenile troublemaker (probably white as well, unfortunately) who spent his time watching too many jihadi jewtube vids.

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It hasn't been reported if he was. The only thing was reported was about him painting ISIS on the school and that he researched ISIS online. Doesn't mean he was a Muslim.

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If he painted a swaztika, he would be doxxed by the media, called a nazi, labeled a Trump supporter and be on every media outlet including print. Paint a symbol of the most intolerant, violent jihadi muslims and you get a pass. Hypocrisy much?

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Would the Semitic media admit it was a Semite who did it?

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Married to one of the mohhamedian LDS blondes too. Braiding their sisters hair and all maybe you all need to be audited and have your religious non exempt status revoked - #FUCKYOURPRIVILEDGE

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As a formerly abused kid I can tell you people 100% don't give a fuck about kids unless it makes them look good. I've met a lot of cringy, I love to help kids adults that put on a good act but only really cared what people thought about them. I'm not surprised people don't care about this at all.

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Most people like that really do mean it at the start, but the longer they try the more it wears them down to the point of barely caring. Those are the ones that couldn't keep a professional relationship with the kids and wanted to be their friend. There are also some who seem to not care and come off as assholes but do actually care. Those ones tend to be by the book kind of people and generally help the kids they are with more. This is what I've seen at least over the years I've worked with children, and yes there are some that only do it to make themselves look good to others.

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Fucked up but seems true.

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It is. Every adult played the part for other adults, especially when it could help their career or standing, but I never met anyone that ever did it out of the goodness of their heart without some sort of compensation

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"An alert student noticed a backpack emitting smoke." Considering it was probably spewing smoke I wouldn't give them too much credit.

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If you want to use this for redpilling your friends, don't use the Fox News link. They'll just roll their eyes and stop listening.

Here ABC talks about it http://abcnews.go.com/US/utah-student-allegedly-brought-bomb-school-backpack-detonate/story?id=53579163

And a local station courtesy of AP http://www.kvoa.com/story/37668563/teen-drawn-to-isis-brought-homemade-bomb-to-utah-school-police-say

And even fucking Newsweek http://www.newsweek.com/homemade-bomb-isis-utah-police-evacuation-smoke-high-school-834563

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Linking to multiple news sources that have reported on the fact sort of defeats the point of the event passing under the radar though.

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The prescription will be to get rid of guns, not the Muslims that kill people.

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Cause it didn’t kill anyone.

No death, no foul according to them. Just an alarm clock wired wrong.

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