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Lots of people are claiming there is a propaganda campaign going on in the comment section here and they might be right but from my personal experiences with mushrooms they're pretty harmless. Sure you'll see patterns morphing, walls breathing and experience ego death in high doses but they're not going to send a person crazy and can absolutely work wonders for depression and sorting yourself out in general. You wouldn't want anyone to be in charge of any kind of machinery on them or anything like that while under the influence but the absolute biggest problem with them is that they teach you that we're all sourced from the same energy and try to turn you into a complete leftist that wants to live in peace with the multiculti world we were born into because the alternative is harming them which is now akin to harming yourself.

That last bit is a bit of an issue which is why people probably think there's a propaganda push going on but they definitely shouldn't be illegal because of it. Like all drugs they should be 100% legal and come with a warning on the label that says one of the side effects will be the truths you believe you are being taught like sympathy for the invading nigger hordes are all drug induced lies.


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They aren't actually lies though, all of those things could be attainable in a world purged of low IQ sub-species.


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Indeed, and its sad to know that we dont live in that kind of a world where all can coexist.