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What’s more, Stephens was not the driver of the vehicle. However, she told police that she was the one who strapped in her daughter, so now she is the one facing charges in her death.

This here is exactly why you do NOT talk to the police. In times of stress, you are not thinking in terms of what is in your best interest. Let your attorney give a statement. (I am not an attorney. This is my OPINION. Fuck off, prosecutors.)


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This. Cops usually have a day or two break after killing someone or something serious before they have to say anything, but on the flip side they will grill you immediately.

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Should just remove CAN "it will be used against you"


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AND CAN'T BE USED TO HELP YOU. It will be called hearsay and thrown out as evidence.


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Wow, such scumbags. Going after her on a technicality


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Hey man, a child died due to gross negligence. Heads must roll for this okay!! Just not the head of the person responsible so that's why we nail the mother to the cross. Fuck if I care how incredibly fucked up it is to murder a mother's child and then hold her legally accountable for the murder. LOL. Isn't America fucking great! Greatest country in the world... unless your a peasant... then yeah, I suppose it does kinda blow to live in America.


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Yeah I probably should of done that after my crash but like you said I was stressed so I talked.