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lissencarak, let me guess. You hate "duh joooos" and so they must be cowardly and have a wanton disregard for the life of nonJews? And so you search for evidence of duh joos doing things that confirm your bias = Confirmation bias.

I agree that SOME Jews are taught to disregard nonJews as being inferior or unclean but most Jews are just like everybody else. In fact, in almost every population you have people with a superiority complex, don't you? Hence, for instance, Black Panther and Wakanda.

But this has NOTHING to do with Jews or being Jewish. I believe the choice to not enter the school prior to the arrival of SWAT teams was a result of outdated and bad training, something that will fall (ironically) on the head of Chief Israel. Otherwise, nothing to do with religion or the Rothschild's bank, for that matter.


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We have the stats on Jews and military service in the US adjusted per capita and compared to gentiles. I don't think it's unreasonable to point out it's likely there are differences in levels of altruism, self-sacrifice, and even patriotism for particular nations between Jews and gentiles, whites and blacks, men and women, etc.

There are cognitive differences between groups, so while I can make a reasonable prediction about how an average white father would act, I don't think I can make reasonable predictions for other groups. And because the demographics of that particular county are quite mixed, they might be a factor in modeling the situation.


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likely there are differences in levels of altruism, self-sacrifice, and even patriotism

That assumes that "Jews" are one thing, one homogenous group or classifiable under the notion that Jews claim for themselves (people who's maternal parent is Jewish). Of course, Jews are not this one thing even if certain members of that community insist otherwise. Jews are a series of peoples so broad that there is no objective genetic root to what it is to be Jewish. Like the concept of the "white race", its arbitrary and falls apart under closer examination.

I am for the protection of the native ethnic peoples of Europe and for the end AND reversal of mass migration. But I don't think that Southern Italians are the same people as Western Poles or Norwegians. But it does not really matter so long as these hundreds of groups called Europeans are protected and allowed to persist. I am also for the protection of Tibetan people from the ethnic genocide of the Han Chinese.

Do some Jews disagree or at least have a hatred for Europe. Certainly. Barbara Lerner Specrte is exhibit A as are the Jewish charities acting today to use donations for the purpose of forcing Europe into a state of Multicultural madness. But Jews are also in opposition to this. That is a fact.


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Don’t bother arguing w these morons. They will bring up Jews in literally e ery situation when it has nothing to do with it.