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I am not sure how the "fog of war" situation would be any different for a teacher or other school worker inside the building(s).


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Because they were inside of the situation as it unfolded. They'd have heard where the first shots opened up, maybe be able to identify if there's more than one shooter, and the closer they are the better the information they'd have.

Like I said, it's a dilemma, people are going to die either way. Our external solutions NEVER work. I'm not sure why people are so rabidly going after the police for slow response to engage after this particular shooting, because ALL OF THEM ARE LIKE THIS.

The only way these rampages end is when the shooter pops himself, or a would-be victim nuts up and tackles the fucker/uses their own weapon. There might be a couple instances where a cop already on-scene engages early and PREVENTS the rampage, but typically when they get started the police form up, regroup, and strike when they feel like they have enough info to avoid too much collateral damage.

Police also never have the element of surprise in these situations. They're always clearly outfitted, and the attackers will know they're coming. They won't expect 80 year old Mrs. B who teaches English 2 to pull a .45 from her skirt and pop him in the belly a few times. Strengthening internal security uses the natural advantage of surprise to great effect.