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Responsible welfare is acceptable. The current system is heavily abused and unfairly rewards the parasites on society.


[–] cyclops1771 2 points 37 points (+39|-2) ago 

The current system creates profits for supermarkets and other stores. We are taking tax dollars, and transferring 30-50% of it to giant supermarket corporations. This eliminates the cost of the profit for making the supermarket be the distributor AND making money off it.


[–] cdglow 1 points 12 points (+13|-1) ago 

I'm onboard with food boxes as an improvement to the "welfare" system if one must exist, but I'm not seeing how this point about supermarket profits is a really convincing one.

This cost will still exist with the food box system: only instead it's going to go to federally connected contractors who are putting the food boxes together rather than local markets.

That being said, despite this I think costs will go down drastically in the long run as being stuck with generic food choices isn't going to be fun for people who are milking the system. People who are abusing the system for free money aren't going to know what the hell to do with a box of generic bland average quality meats and white bread and iceberg lettuce and rice and other types of common things that I'd anticipate being in there. At some point it's not worth the risk for fraud or abuse, and it's a hell of a motivating factor to go get a job if the alternative is eating fairly generic cafeteria quality food every single day.


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The food in the new system has to come from somewhere. There must be contractors involved in this.


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Working and paying out of pocket for food doesn't preclude being a parasite on society. Society itself is a parasite.

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Like the elderly, and disabled... your image of who receives EBT needs to really be reconsidered. It's a much broader picture than you seem to even come close to realizing.


[–] Alopix 2 points -2 points (+0|-2) ago

Each of the 53 State SNAP agencies operate an E&T program. SNAP participants who are not specifically exempted by statute are subject to work requirements as a condition of SNAP eligibility

WHUUUUT? Non-disabled people HAVE to work or enroll in job training to get food stamps? You won't read that on zerohedge!


[–] Koalemos_Grottesco 6 points 2 points (+8|-6) ago 

Okay that is a nice general platitude, but do you have any hard numbers on the actual rate of abuse? All the data I can find suggests it is much lower than the hyperbole and the odd anecdote.


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It's a circlejerk is all. Food stamps are an easy target because people picture niggers or deathfats buying soda and candy. Nobody considers the widower working his ass off with three children to take care of when they think of SNAP. More white people are on food stamps than any other race, but we are willing to make their lives more difficult because muh niggaz.

They also like to also gloss over facts like any system will have a certain amount of corruption/inefficiency in it (even in nature), and that not having any sort of welfare for people leads to the detriment of society. Like most things, there is a sweet spot between complete socialism and complete libertarianism which will give you the optimal result.

BTW, we already tried the box of food thing. We swapped to food stamps for many reasons, but the two most pertinent to this discussion would be that it was really easy to game the system into giving you more than you were meant to receive, and it was impossible to track what actually happened to the food after it was given away (and thus it would end up on the black market). Jackasses are still going to buy and sell the shit, it will just be about 100 times more difficult to catch them as there will be no electronic paper trail to follow.


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I dont care if you believe me or not but personal experience says its abused more than used right