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You stupid fuknNeanderthal, you just posted a krok of dogshit here.

Your dumb deceitful angle called 'forced diversity' disregards how NASA is a White-racist org and always has been. Therefore it is not surprising that they honed in ONLY on areas they felt they could use to downgrade and discredit this negro.

While making sure to tell us nothing about any NASA Caucasoid astronauts who possess a lower skillset than this negro. As according to whatever criterion racism's astronauts felt should define Engineering/Space Science aptitudes.

That reality does not cancel out the idea and potential that the negro was more conditioned for success, in space, than the racist Caucasoid astronauts who've been selected to go as they claim she was deficient in aptitudes.

For all we know it could be true that we racist USA Caucs are more dependent on Russia's space progress, because their astronauts are more like this negro Jeannette Epps 😎 but since we are racist Caucs then we disregard that, in order to trust only our fellow Caucs.