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What is this site? Is this a personal blog? This says nothing about an attempted recall, just a picture of a form and a bunch of rambling about "Senator Insane". This writer sounds insane.

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Good name for a blog.

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I think I have higher odds of becoming God Emperor of the Universe than this petition does at successfully supplanting the prime NWO RINO.

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Two decades too late.

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When I looked this up I found other recall petitions, one dating from 2001. Arizona knew he was a traitor back then, but couldn't get rid of him.

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"Recall"? That's Latin for "execution" right?

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He is no longer able to show up for work, but somehow is still able to post shit on twitter. My guess is the cancer has advanced to the point where he isn't saying much of anything. Someone else is acting for him.

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You think he actually knows how to use the computer?

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along the lines of "the impeachment is taking to long" so is the cancer...

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what if hes already dead or rendered unable to sell out his country effectively, but has a double?

stephen hawking and hillary clinton have demonstrated how its possible

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Brain tumors are bad, but we already have enough senators touched by the hand of fate.