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The news equivalent of an ambulance chasing lawyer. Just like Gloria alred with anyone that's been a victim of a sex crime...

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Imaginary or otherwise.

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They go after tue OP because they don’t want to pay Facebook or Twitter for the image/video and they can’t just lift it from the site or FB/Twitter will come after them for payment. If you have a newsworthy pic, don’t post it, get paid for it.

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So where's all the trolls contacting her with pics of the 'shooting'. Doesn't even need to be the correct one.

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You all remember that scene from Scary Movie where the reporter tries to get an interview from the person actively getting murdered?

Pretty sad when that movie of all things starts to approach reality.

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Fucking hell, I couldn't quite remember what that reminded me of

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Please! this would really help my career.

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Direct message me. Everyone could read our conversation on this newfangled Twitter medium just as easily as my own platform if we had it in the open but then I wouldn't be able to monetize your traumatic experience or editorialize it to fit my agenda.

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Fuck nbc in general

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Trayvon 911 editors

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These people are creepy. These are cold-calling tactics they are using here. Wow.

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The MSM are fucking predators

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