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“Hi Gen, I’m with CNN, I’m gonna need you to go ahead and leave the closet and take a picture of the shooter, unless he’s not white of course, then we need to you to edit the contrast a little to make him look whiter, Thanks lemme know Girl!”

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Why couldn't the CNN report be trapped in the closet instead :(

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Most of them are.

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Oh hells no. They view it as a badge of honor and courage (so brave) to come out of the closet and flaunt it (so progressive).

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If the person is retarded enough to tweet during a school shooting, they probably would try to take a picture or film it for attention too

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Its interesting when people die- Give us dirty laundry. Can we film the school? Are the kids dead yet? You know, the boys in the newsroom got a running bet. Get the parents on the set! We need dirty laundry!

Reminded of an Eagles song in the worst possible way.

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Not Eagles. Don Henley solo stuff. Good call tho

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Was the shooter White? He wasn't? His name was CRUZ? Shit, no story here, moving on.

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I'm not seeing it. This is why you archive. If it was there, it's gone.

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Wonderful. Don't know where it was when I looked.

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Ugh, what fucking trash.

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I'm on mobile, so could you archive it for me?

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What kind of fake ass shit is that?!

Who the fuck tweets or shit at a time like that? Fake ass stupid bullshit.

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Jews: so audacious people can't even believe it's real.

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Still fake. Don't you realize that left media is having a grand ole time right now? They are intentionally destroying their credibility and media along with it.

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If that's not staged, I'll eat my hat.

An alternate option? "Once you're in a secure location and can talk, can I ask you a few questions?" translates to me that they have a witness' name and where they are who's seen the incident. If they don't follow the narrative and tell the story the way it needs to be told, they'll be suicide'd for saying anything otherwise. Or they'll just be suicided'd for being a witness after following the narrative. Dead men tell no tales, after all.

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She was probably trying to make his phone beep so he'd get shot and give them a bigger death toll for the headlines:

WHITE MALE kills 16 17

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