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Look, am I the only one? Does anybody else notice that many, many of these school shootings involve students or former students?

Can we turn that knowledge into action and pass a law...or sumptin'?

Maybe being a student is the problem?

Maybe a law to prevent the incident of being a student would make everything much better, like a candy cane with little candy canes stuck to it?

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I think youre on to something. If we make it illegal to be a student then that will solve our problem!! No more students. No more students to shoot at.

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And the real genius of this proposal: No more students means no more schools, therefore, no more school shootings!

I feel like I should apply for a patent on this plan. I need to be made enormously wealthy and loved, nay adored(!), by all parents, ever on, for saving their kids from school shootings.

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6:12 pm saw first politician commentng on this shooting calling for a ban on guns.

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Shooter was a communist, time to bring back the (((communist))) control act.

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Ok, we have a contender!

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Honestly, I wonder if they've given up and gone the sneaky way. In my state, they are CONSTANTLY pushing anti gun bills quietly through the legislature, but getting slapped back each time.

Either way, fuck em. There's no way I'm giving up my guns.

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All of these shootings are done by liberal democrats or their offspring. Crazy is as crazy does.

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remember when a Muslim shoots up a gay bar you blame the gun.

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if liberals want mass shootings to stop, they should stop planning them. mass shootings only happen in gun free zones, we dont need gun control... we need liberal control... because liberals... create GUN FREE ZONES.

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School shootings are an unfortunate byproduct of having the right to bear arms, combined with the jewish agenda to destroy the family unit and torment young men. Eric Harris seemed to be well aware of the jew problem, and this was a large factor in why he carried out his attack.

The solution is NOT to abolish the 2nd Amendment: THE SOLUTION IS TO ALLOW TEACHERS AND QUALIFIED STUDENTS TO ACTUALLY EXERCISE THEIR OWN 2ND AMENDMENT RIGHTS! One teacher with a concealed pistol, well drilled and trained to handle active shooter situations, can end the threat VERY quickly. Waiting for the police is an exercise in "let's see how many people the shooter can execute before police intervene."

Imagine this spic who shot up his school today beginning his rampage in a classroom, and 2 students and an armed teacher in th e neighboring classroom hear the shots and screams. The spic could've been wasted mere seconds before he began, saving lives and preventing suffering. "Gun-free zones" only serve to advertise SOFT TARGETS to people who want to do damage. How often do active shooter situations happen in locations where there's probably several armed folks?

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10:1 odds the gun was stolen or otherwise obtained illegally

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Even if it was all done “legally” it wouldn’t matter. Guns are needed to stop guns.

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No! Hugs are needed to stop guns!! Its hugs and compassion and importing more diversity so we will become a stronger more loving diverse country.

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